Shea Butter

Shea butter is one of my fav. butters. Not only does it make our mane's soft, it also works as a good sealant, a good deep conditioner, great for the skin, and from personal experience, it helps heal and dry wounds link. When  I heard about  shea butter, I ran out to buy some, but urgh...the smell. I used it anyways and loved the results. I had a problem though; storage. When exposed to heat, the butter melts.When it thickens, it can form little balls like in the first pic, making application difficult.
After  some research I came up with a way to get my Shea butter smooth and getting it to stay so. I used;
  • 1 cup Shea butter
  • 4 tbs Olive oil or any oil of your choice
  •  Large bowl
  • 3 drops fragrance(optional)
  • Mixer
  • Ice cubes
  • Bowl for storage.
Here's what I did:
  1. Melted Shea butter,olive oil and fragrance in the microwave. Don't let it get too hot. Just enough to melt away all the balls in it.
  2. Put some water and ice in a bowl.
  3. Allow the melted Shea butter (in a bowl) seat in the water and ice.
  4. Allow Shea butter thicken (Pic 5)
  5. Put thick shea butter in a bowl and mix with mixer using medium speed till it gets fluffy.
  6. Store your Shea butter in a bowl.Keep in cool dry place.

Bought a bucket full of unrefined Shea butter for less than N2,000 (two thousand Naira) last year. Notice the little balls.
Melted Shea butter. 
Spilled a little of the melted butter in the bowl. It thickened in seconds.Closer view is in the pic below.

Thick Shea butter
End product.
This is my first attempt at writing a recipe... ^_^ ..hope it helps.

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