Simple Coconut Oil can do it yourself!!

What you need;
  • Coconut..of course.I bought 4 and my siblings ate 1/4 of
  • Water
  • Sieve
  • A deep pot
  • Bowl
  • Bottle for storage.
Now, here's how I did it;
  1. Remove the husk from your Coconut, wash the meat (white part stuck to the husk), and cut into little pieces for easy blending (Or you could break husk into half and scrape out the meat using  a scraping tool, pour water to get the milk and sieve).
  2. Blend Coconut with water in blender. Do not use too much water, just enough to blend Coconut into pulp.For me, the water  used  was two levels above the Coconut.
  3. Sieve blended Coconut to separate the milk from the chaff.
  4. Pour milk into pot and boil till all the water dries up and the oil is visible. See pics below
  5. Allow the oil get cool and then separate oil from dried milk.
  6. Store

Blended Coconut  
20mins on fire...the oil is already visible 
 Notice the oil floating on the milk
 At this stage you should stir continuously so that the milk does not stick to the pot

 See how the milk becomes brown and floats on top of the oil...
End result. I love the smell, plus the oil is light enough to be used on the scalp.It looks so pure!!
It took approximately 2hrs for me to get my Coconut oil. I think it took longer because I used too much water  blending the meat. My mom said I should try boiling the chaff and milk together. I'll try it her way and post results.Now that my oil has been made, I'll use it and post a Coconut oil Review.

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