I haven't posted on my mane recently -_-...well it's still braids for me. I've got so much to do these days and braids are easy to maintain. The first pic. shows how rough my hair got and the last one is my new hair style. After loosening, I detangled using coconut oil and washed with black soap. For me, I detangle my hair dry and in small sections. I separate, apply oil and comb with a wide tooth comb. Washing is done the same way; loosen a section (usually start at the back), wash, rinse, apply conditioner, detangle and plait. 
I have read on many blogs that our hair is best detangled damp. I think not. After taking down braids or twists, I think its better for my 4a/b hair to get detangled dry. I loose less hair and spend less time getting my hair washed. I'd like to know your opinion; is it better to detangle dry or wet?.


  1. I'm with you on this, if it's extra dry I may use a few drops of rose water as I smooth coconut oil on my palms and apply to my hair. On the other hand, I detangled my daughter's hair with lots of herbal essence hello hydration with a little oil the other day (in sections) and it worked beautifullyMeanwhile, I love your hair, it's the picture of health!



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