Rainy Season Hair Care

It's that time of the year when you can't always go out and have a good time. The rain falls one day and the sun shines the next. I know most natural blogs advice against wearing your fro out in humid weather, but in Africa that means you'll never wear it out :(.
During the dry season, my goal was to lock in moisture and maintain a healthy head of hair but now I want to retain the length I got during the dry season.
In my short natural journey, I've observed that what might work during the dry season might not work during the rainy or dry harmattan season. For instance; Coconut oil is a miracle worker during the dry harmattan  season but during the rainy season it is not good enough to keep my hair moisturized.
For three weeks now, I have been going through my stash of products; trying to find what will work for me this season. For now, here's what I've come up with:

  • Garnier Fruictis seems not to work as well as it used to. My hair is soft but I can't keep a style past the first day. 
  • Coconut oil can't stand alone: Instead of applying just coconut oil, I mix it with my Shea butter and olive oil. 
  • NO DIRECT HEAT!: My hair gets super dry once I use a hair dryer not set on cool.
  • Deep conditioning is very important during this season: I've observed that most Nigerian ladies are 'slackers' when it comes to deep conditioning. To gain and retain length you need to deep condition your hair regularly (at least once in 2 weeks).For now, mayonnaise and olive oil works fine as a deep conditioner for me.
  • Sealing moisture into your hair is very important in length retention. To seal in moisture, you need natural/ unadulterated oils to keep your hair moisturized.  Shea butter is a good sealant. Immediately after washing my hair, I apply a good leave-in-conditioner then I apply coconut oil to the hair strands and seal my ends with shea butter.
In the following weeks I will be posting about my hair journey more often. When I come up with anything new I will post. For Nigerian naturals; its easy to find natural and affordable products for your hair. Avocado, coconut milk and aloe-vera gel (direct from the plant) are good deep conditioners. Don't let your hair completely drop off  before you start to take good care of it. Feel free to ask any questions.
 Peace, love and a fulfilled week  ahead!!


    1. Monsoon is a time when hair gets frizzy and unmanageable and also the problem of dandruff increases to a great manifold.

    2. You are right sis, what works in one season might not work during another. I wonder how wearing natural hair in Nigeria would be...Where do you get your products? Do you where your hair out *please excuse for being so curious* But something I really have to know is how you do that braid in the picture? Can you please do a tutorial *bats eye lashes several times*
      Great post!


    3. Wearing your hair out in Nigeria= calling for attention! Ladies look at me and think I attend the deeper life church (a church that doesn't believe in perming the hair) then they notice I've got 3 piercings in my ear and the questions start to pour out. I try my best to be a curl ambassador without getting angry. The brothers on the other hand are very accepting. I've had some try to touch my hair, they walk up to me and say "you should be on an Ad with that hair", "is that your hair...kai you too much o"...last week a brother walked up to me and was like "your hair is so black I love how it looks"...complements like that give me the strength to over look the negativity from the older generation and the will educate the younger generation.
      Finding products here is DIFFICULT!! So I'm calling out on Ladies like yourself who are small scale business owners to think about the huge Nigerian market. My sisters here will buy even if they are permed. Products here are for white hair and not black hair. So now you know why we can be product junkies.
      As for the tutorial here's a link http://blog.myhairstylingtools.com/blog/how-to-french-braid-hair/
      That's exactly how I get mine done.
      Thanks for stopping by Funbi!!

    4. Wow, I can imagine sis!! The older generation most certainly be the less receptive but by much patience, we can certainly persevere. I am really glad the brothers are so encouraging. About the products, I had a feeling it would be so hard. I would not mind sending my product out there...all in God's time...Immediately I get it out there, I will let you know sis...
      Thank you for the tutorial! :D
      Keep up the great work sis!

    5. That will be great!!
      I look forward to a time when relaxers will be scarce, when black hair care products will fill the market for 'natural' Africans, and white hair products will exist for the white African population.
      The Lord is your strength Sister!!

    6. please i need help as to how my hair can grow fast. i wantd to keep i hair natural but i ened up using hair relaxer on my hair. i change my mind and i want ot keep my hair natural agian but it not growing well as it should. please help me

      1. Hi Lorrinda! Congrats on your decision to go natural...again:) Instead of telling you a shortcut to long hair that might not work, I'll advice that you take the time out to really learn about your hair. Try to drop the unrealistic expectations you might have after looking at bloggers who have 5years or more of growth. If you are patient with yourself, you will learn the right techniques and products that will help you get healthy hair which should give you length retention, that should give the length you so desire after a while :)
        So Good hair Maintenance Techniques = Healthy Hair/Length Retention which should = Long Hair.
        Hope this helps.



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