New Shea Butter Recipe

For my Soft Shea butter mix I used:
  • 4tbs of coconut oil
  • 4tbs of olive oil
  • 5tbs of Shea butter
I mixed melted Shea butter with Coconut oil and Olive oil,  added a few drops of  fragrance, and put the mix in the fridge. When it got thick I took it out and stored it in a cool dry place.

 Unlike raw Shea butter,the mix is so easy to apply
 End result.
To make it thicker you can use more Shea butter.

 This recipe is easy and my hair LOVES it!!


  1. Does this make your hair heavy like shea butter or does it take longer for your hair to produce a lot of build-up. I am gonna give it a try, nonetheless...

  2. Hi Ag!!No it does not make my hair heavy like raw Shea butter. It makes it soft. And another plus is that the mixture is easier to apply.

  3. This is very late but please what did you use for mixing and how did you soften the shea butter thnaks for your reply in advance

  4. Hi Anon! Thanks for stopping by and you can ask questions anytime- no matter how late the post.
    Now to your question. I melted my Shea butter in the microwave but Jemila of has a better way of doing it.To soften her Shea butter she puts it in a bowl and allows it to melt in a pot of hot water. You could also simply heat it up in a pan (using medium high heat)
    When the Shea butter is melted, you mix it with your favorite oils (jojoba oil,olive oil,coconut oil, lavender oil e.t.c) The more oils you apply the softer your Shea butter mix will be.
    So all you need is a spoon to scoop out your Shea butter, measuring spoons/cup, a pan for melting Shea butter, and a bowl to mix your oils in. I do my mix in the same bowl I use for storage.
    I hope this answers your question. Let me know if you want anything clarified.

  5. wowww, your a God send compliments of the season, i have heard of that hot water method but i was not sure if it works well.
    I know you just recently graduated from uni i wanted to know if there is a very simple deep conditioning recipe you used while still in skool, that is effective and doesnt use much ingredients currently i use this from NN (it needs u to blend some things and electricity and getting bananas is sometimes not easy)
    Thanks for everything.

  6. Happy to help my Brother!!
    True talk...I just graduated and I've use the same things I used then and gats frugal now wey free money from the Parents must come with reasons get ba? :)
    So...I use Mayonnaise (bama) and olive oil, Henna mixed with brewed tea and a little lime (curly nikki's mix), my conditioner mixed with olive oil, shea butter (melted) and coconut oil (haven't done this in a long time), Aloe Vera gel (extracted from the plant) mixed with conditioner and olive oil, or I just use my Natur Vital Color Mask which cost just N900 ( I started using this recently and I love the results)
    After mixing-mixing I apply liberally and wear a cap(or nylon bags you get from stores)
    A bottle of olive oil goes for 250 so having a bottle around works great for me. I hope this helps. Here's the link for my Mayo recipe. The easier the hair motto:). I hope this helps.
    Seasons Greetings!!

  7. loll i cant forget how my mum looked @ me the first time i started buying olive oils and other stuffs, am a guy and you know in naija dat means no drama on my head but i love rockin afro, i started my journey march this year and i have loved every step and your blog has very been helpful. I am aiming for the kind of fro on your avatar, i heard about henna immediately i started doing research (4rm curly niiki) but all the ladies i see that use henna have long hair?!! will henna make my hair long? and i dont understand brewed tea is it lipton tea bag ? sometimes i wonder about the versatility of all this products cos they are things we sometimes think are useless cos your mix is easier than the one am using now.
    Happy new year in advance and thanks for your help.

  8. Lol...don't worry my family also thinks I give my hair too much attention. Wow...March...that's 9months Natural.Can I say CONGRATULATIONS?! I wish I could see your TWA (teeny weeny afro):)
    Now Chucks one thing you must learn is that very few products can make your hair grow. I believe more in technique than in products. Henna is a good deep conditioner you can read more about it here
    I used green tea and not Lipton tea. But you could try it sha. I bring some water to near boil and put the tea bag or the tea leaves in. This is the acid you need for the henna mix. In place of tea you could use lime, lemon or orange juice (add to the water) then you mix like CN does.
    Lol...not only ladies with long hair use Henna. All hair lengths can use henna. You could share your mix with me. I will love to learn from you. Thanks for reading and I'm always happy to help. If what they say is true I wont be surprised to see that you've reached my length early 013.

  9. Happy new year my sister and i hope you ate lots of rice and chicken with your family like me ? Dont mind Jona and his removal of subsidy we shall overcome. 9 months wowww i didnt want to keep count i just let it grow as i never had problem with growth i just didnt know how to maintain hair so i did some experimentation with relaxer and it was a crazy disaster so i chopped it all off, you should see my dad his hair doesnt need maintainance at all he has been rocking afro since the 70's so am not concerned with growth i just didnt get his type of hair so i have to work hard for it to look clean.
    my mum uses natur vital so i wil probably steal from her loll, but i like mixing things the main difference between your mix and NN's mix is that yours is less messy just more runny since you have tea in it.
    So what your saying is i can just substitute all the mixing for Natur vital products right?
    I also heard about stretching your hair whats that?

  10. No o...I no talk so o. Nothing beats the real thing. I'm just too lazy to mix up that stuff so I only henna once in 2-3 months. I love the Natur Vital henna shampoo cause its better than the usual shampoo and the mask leaves my hair feeling soft and well conditioned. We might have different results but the fact is that I'm just a bit too laid back to always do the henna deep conditioning treatment.
    My all time favorite weekly deep conditioner is my Aloe Vera gel,conditioner, and olive oil mix. Aloe Vera leaves the hair soft and reduces breakage. Then Natur Vital is #1 deep conditioner for Lazy days. (Hm1 make you tif Mom's own small small o)
    Chucks I'm always happy to meet brothers like you who come from a families that embrace our Fro. That's hard to come by this day. Please enjoy January and put all this politics at the back of your mind. If you think deeply you will see that the side to be on is the thinking side. While others are fighting or defending seat back and think of how to live this out. Its always a pleasure to read from you. For more information you could send a mail to my email ( and I will be happy to answer your questions. Blessings!



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