Nigeria, The Time For Action Is Now!!

Nigeria is a nice and amazing place to be, a country blessed with natural and human resources. I sometimes wonder what our problem really is... if you think about  it we are naturally supposed to be comfortable as Nigerians and life should be a blessing to us all  but unfortunately it's not. Why are we killing ourselves over religions and culture that we know little or nothing about it's origins. Many of us claim we know but do we? It is clear that all religions and cultures preach peace, love and mutual respect, why then if we know so much  can we not  simply do the right thing as it is written. Personally, I am sad that quite a number of Nigerians are illiterate without access to information and proper education. I feel this is the greatest challenge to our future as a nation. It is a fact that for there to be transformation there is need for enlightenment and empowerment. Most of our youths today are jobless... fueling idleness and crime within the country. We need to wake up to the reality that our future is in great danger if we continue like this. Look at the terror called Boko Haram in the north how do we deal with this? The time for action is now.                         
 -Victor Maranzu
In my opinion, the bane of our society is greed and ignorance. A  few munch the poor...we celebrate and respect the crooks in the name of culture .Some states give free education while some states refuse to educate their people(their leaders send their kids to the best schools in Nigeria and abroad)...some hustle to get educated while some say they are against western education. We have let the political class  make us a laughing stock to the world. These days religion has become so intertwined with politics, it's hard to tell the truth.... God help us all...

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