African Thread and Curl

Hi Ladies!!
If you are a regular reader you should know by now how much I LOVE African threading. Two weeks ago, I washed my hair and couldn't wait for it to dry before threading so I styled my hair while it was wet (see first pic. below). The Idea was to thread and cover my hair with a scarf for as long as possible. After 4 days I decided to loosen the threads to moisturize my hair and guess what I found....Curls!! 

This is what my hair looks like after loosening the threads...

...and after fluffing.

 To protect my ends from the harsh afternoon sun I did a  french braid and twist.

To maintain this look I applied a little water, some shea-butter mix and threaded my hair again. .The picture above is 4 days after the first take down.

You could also braid your hair into big sections and get results

On Saturday I washed my hair and deep conditioned it. I tried the style again  and  had the same results on Monday morning.(Sorry about the picture quality)

Because of the heat  I ended up tying up my hair and leaving out the front.

  1. I can go for a week without putting a comb in my hair. All I need to do is fluff using my fingers.
  2. The ends of my hair stayed stretched out all through the week reducing knots and matted up ends.
  3. I think my 4a/b/c  hair is more manageable with threads.
  4. Although I love how a braid and curl/twist and curl looks on other Ladies, I wasn't impressed with how it looked on my hair. My ends knotted up after taking down the braids or twist and I was never able to get 3day hair.
  5. Fluffing is so easy.
  6. Last but not the least....I love it cause you don't need to know how to braid or twist....all you need to know is how to  hold you hair and thread.
 I will love to see this style on another lady. All you need is thread and your usual hair products. I washed, applied my leave-in-conditioner, some of my Shea-butter mix, and threaded my hair. Please try it out and share. Much love!


    1. Gorgeous! Unbelievably, I had the same results as you and like you I stumbled on it cos I used a bit too much Cantu Shea Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment after washing & letting it dry up to 50%. I sealed with castor oil and threaded and left it on for about 3 days and voila, awesomeness :)

      I've done something similar for my daughter since. Immediately after the wash & condition, I left a little Herbal Essence (hello hydration) & baby oil, banded with hair bands, took it down after about 4 days & it was so soft, it
      stayed moisturised, curly & pliant. I later cornrowed & it looks so

      Lovely photos you've got.

    2. Wow!! I'm going to cornrow my hair in two days time and see how it turns out. Thanks Anon!
      I really appreciate the complements.

    3. Girrrrrrrl, I am hooked on threading. In fact , I just finished doing bantu knots on my daughter using the threading method
      That threading is the business. It keeps my ahir soft and fluffy especially when I use shea butter mixed with different kind of oils. My hair stays soft , stretched, tangle free and very manageable.
      Thanks for being so inspiring!!
      I can french braid my hair now due to the threading method
      I think I am going to do a thread out style like the one you posted here for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    4. Thanks CoilyBella!
      I hope you do a post on your daughters bantu knots. I'm happy you love threading. I'm also looking forward to seeing your Thanksgiving hair. Stay Blessed Sister!!

    5. I've told you your hair is fabulous, right? Lemme say it again: your hair is beautiful, hon! I'm gonna try this over the weekend...if I can find the time...

      Hmm, now wondering if my rather Igbotic hair will come out that way. Maybe the Yoruba in me will balance it out LOL.

    6. Thank you Screwyhairgirl!! I hope you find the time to try it cause I can't wait to see it on another Lady. Hopefully your Igbo/Yoruba hair will prove you wrong :)

    7. I really like threading (as mgbafor-ish as it may look). I find that as a stretching method it gives me less single strand knots than twists do.

      If you could come up with a funky way to wear it to work, I would be inclined to try it out!

      Screwyhair is right. Your hair is really beautiful.

    8. lol...Mgbaforish?? ^_^
      You know,I noticed the same thing ...less SSK's.
      You have challenged me o...many of us have bad thread memories...we need to spruce it up a bit. I'll think about something and let you know.



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