A Deception?

Happy Sunday People!!
It's the day of worship for most Christians  and I usually like to post my Fav. verses or an inspiring picture. Well, today I'm going to post a thought provoking video. A friend of mine on NaijaCommunity shared this with me and I felt that I should do same with you guys.
Now, before letting you watch this video I will ask that you be open minded and not take this video the wrong way. Nigerians get very uptight about religion and this is what has put us in the confusion that we are in today. After watching this video I will like you to ask your self ...

...are you really serving God or your religious leader?

" my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge...." Hosea 4:6


  1. I saw this video a while ago and only had to shake my head. Religion is so sensitive that at the end of the day, you leave each person to their own faith.

  2. Yes, we have to but when this becomes a pain then what do we do? In my opinion this problem affects all religions in Nigeria not just the Christians. When you let another person read your Holy Book for you then expect to be his zombie.

  3. I watched the full documentary on TV and i was just shaking my head. My mouth was wide open throughout the programme.

    We are in the end times and everyone will be looking for one miracle or the other. The bible says we should test all spirits...

    Every man should work out his own salvation.

  4. Sigh* This makes me sad. It's the same thing everywhere, desperate people flock to desperate solutions, and a lot of the times, the "solutions" are wrought with deceit, manipulation, and lies. The two industries that consistently do well when the economy is rough are the liquor and religious industries. Food for thought.

    A lot of Nigerians run to religion because the government has failed us in all ways that we look to a higher power to save us; there's nothing wrong with that if we also look within ourselves to save ourselves. Anyways, Fireman- is the ultimate snake oil salesman.

    Oh and Seyi the reporter is a cutie lol; kinda looks like John Forte.

  5. Well said Ladies. Salvation comes from within. Sometimes I blame illiteracy but then I see the so called educated fall for the same story. Like Fela said we dey "suffer and smile". Look at the people that came out of most churches they look the same day in day out.
    And yes Geri; I noticed the same thing about Seyi...he is cute.

  6. Ha! Ha! Did you see the bodyguards? Ha! Ha! Comedy.

  7. My dear? Since when Pastors dey carry body guard na? Dem guys looked like cheap thugs**hissing**.



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