Champagne,Cupcakes,& Curl Talk (Natural Meetup: Lagos)

Okay, if you haven't already heard by now, let me give you current amebo:

 Nibi of KinkyApothecary ... 
and Miss Fizz of LITK are organizing a birthday bash/meet-up this weekend.

I cant wait!!

 Below are some pictures of the venue. I don't know why but I have this feeling that this meet up will be even more fun!! While it was an honor talking to you  lovely ladies at the last meet up,  I believe it will be even more interesting learning from all of you. For those of you who will be in the country for Christmas this is an opportunity to experience what you missed.( Gerri this one's for you)

Here's a word from Nibi:
"We have planned a fun and interactive event also incorporating live demonstrations and productive consultations. And while the main focus of the event will be a workshop covering a vast amount of information on natural hair care, maintenance, styling, e.t.c, the event will be set up so that people can drop in and out, and visit the stalls all day".

 As if that is not enough, these lovely ladies are going to be doing a number of giveaways THROUGH OUT THE DAY!! AWOOF!! (I’ve been secretly  praying to win something from Fizzy’s accessories J…Lord please, please just this once let me win something I totally love...)
Finally, as a way to thank you lovely ladies and gents for coming, Nibi says we get to go home with goodie bags….aww isn't that generous? Thanks Nibi and Fizzy!

 Just so you know...
Date: Sunday the 18th of December 2011
Start Time: 1pm
Venue: Colors in Africa, Musa Yar'adua, Victoria Island Lagos
Entry: N1,000 (You could buy your ticket before the event at Bigobiri in Ikoyi  or by sending a mail to  And if that's not convenient you could simply wait and get it at the venue).

For more info Visit LITK or thekinkyapotecary . Hope to see you there...


  1. I sooooo can't wait for this particular naturals meet up. Miss Nibi has a way of just making me loove being a Natural Nigerian!!! Yay Kinky Apothecary is 1 !!!

  2. Abi o. Miss Nibi was the first Nigerian Hair blogger I found and she has done a lot for the Natural Nigerian Community. Her store is an attestation of that fact.
    Look out for me tomorrow it will be a pleasure to meet you:)

  3. I wish I was in Nigeris. I am sure you guys will have a lot of fun!!

  4. aww...wish you were here too.Yes we had a lot of fun plus there was a lot to learn. Happy Birthday KINKYAPOTHECARY!!!



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