I'm becoming a Lazy Natural...

 This is what my hair looks like most of the time. Yes, thats my new favorite protective style. After I Co-wash and deep-condition, I apply a leave-in-conditioner ( a gift from Natural Nigerian), and olive oil.
 After 2-3 days I take down the braids. My hair as seen in the pic above stays in good condition, but the roots as seen in the pic below gets dry...

...so I apply olive oil and finger comb (thanks  for the advice Coily Bella!)
apply my leave-in...

  and rebraid
I can count the number of times my hair has seen the sun:)
The good side of my lazy regimen is that my edges are healthy and I'm loosing less hair than I usually do during this season.
So whats your harmattan hair regimen?


  1. My lazy style is braids up into a faux puff with ends all tucked away. I really would like to learn how to do the scarves on the head or headwraps. The style is oh so beautiful with a headwrap and really exposes the face!

    I get kind of lazy too sometimes but I make sure my ends do not suffer! Working the protective styles through the first of the year if not longer.

  2. Same here.I plan on keeping my hair protected for some time. Thanks for the complement!
    Here's a link to Natural Belle's video. I learnt how to tie my head wraps from her.http://youtu.be/7-jAJaPfRBg
    ...heading over to your blog to look for your protective style.

  3. First of all, you are just one gorgeous lady!!!!

    I am with you on the protective regimen(that's what I call it). I have not been wearing my hair out. I wash and deep treat my hair evevry two weeks , and put about 6 to 8 flat twists in my hair. I moisturize daily and do not touch my hair for two weeks. I repeat the cycle.

    I now wear wigs(something I thought I would never do), but the wigs are saving my fine hair..LOL

    I have to learn how to wrap my hair like that. It looks so good on you!!

  4. Here's some good advice to share. Thanks Coilybella!!

  5. Lazy? This is gorgeous. I've done the same to my hair from time to time. Braids, that is.



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