Goodbye Wahala (weave),Hello freedom (braids)

Hi Readers!
Last week I did a post showing my new hair style and  some days later I'm back with a new post showing another new hair style.

That weave was wahala!! I could not stand it for more than I did. The weather is hot and I could not wash my hair. No air was touching my scalp and I was always in a turban just to take it off my face.
What can I say...respect for all my sister who constantly wear weaves!  I'm sorry I have no advice to give on how to maintain a weave.
It was fun at first then it got annoying and then I felt like I was struggling to keep something that obviously made me uncomfortable. I got back home after a wedding and pleaded with my friend to take it off. She promised to help if only I could wait for her to take a nap...what?!  Since I was already impatient to take it OFF I sat in front of the mirror and did it myself. My roommate had a swell time hearing me hiss and curse all the while..but alas I felt the sweet evening breeze on my scalp... HALLELUJAH!!
While detangling my hair you would not believe how much hair I lost....well maybe I'm overreacting a bit cause we loose hair every day but I felt like I lost more hair after 2 weeks and some days of a weave (the weave post was posted  days after it was originally done)than of 4 weeks of keeping my braids on.
So this is what my hair looks like after taking off the weave. To give my scalp a rest I made sure that the braids were loose. Explaining this to a hairdresser would have been headache so I took the time out to do it myself.
Will I try this again? Hm! No bring any sew-in come my face now that I can still remember what it felt like....


  1. e ya!
    weaves and i dont blend..they itch and itch esp in that naija heat..i get lots of egbo (not sure the english word) on my fact...u dont wanna know

    ur weaving is nice :)

  2. I understand you situation sis. I've never really been a fan of weaves though I'd tried. I also cannot stand them long. After about two weeks, my scalp start itching and I start aching to take them off. Haven't had one in 2 years. The braids look great! About the loss of hair, I think it's just because you haven't detangled in 2 weeks and all the shed hair accumulated. Thank you for sharing sis.

  3. I'm also not a weave person at all and prefer braids a million! I'm not that fortunate though to live in Nigeria or else where where I can get my hair braided easily and braiding it myself looks terrible, so sometimes I have no other choice.
    But I can imagine how terrible weaves are in the naija heat...

  4. Thanks for the comments Ladies!! Nice to know I'm not alone:)

  5. Your braids look spectacular. I love them! I am sure that the lose of hair you experienced is merely normal shedding and the rest your hair got while in the weave. I'm particularly impressed that you not only look the weave out yourself (LOL!) but also the "loose" cornrows you put in yourself. Very nice.

  6. Thank you JazzWife!! If I cant get someone to help me or to braid my hair the way I like I glorify God by doing it myself!! Hallelujah I can braid!

  7. Aaahhh, I think its cos you are not used to it. I am not really a weave person so I feel you.

    What I dint like was that my sister always mistakenly cut my hair when losing the weave. And I can count how many times av fixed on my 2 hands o

  8. You had me cracking upon this post..OMG!!!!
    I completely understand. I wore wigs for six weeks almost everyday and hated it. There is nothing like allowing fresh air to embrace your glorious scalp.

    BTW, your cornrows are so cute and neat.

  9. Thanks 9jaFoodie!
    Africa Naturalista my dear I feel you o...all this add-this-add-that for body is big work o. I can't even write properly when those things are on. I beg run from your sister o or dont fix at all:)
    Thanks Coilybella...I think some of us have to actually wear these things to fully appreciate the real thing!

  10. Ok, i am on the other side, i love weaves, they itch and irritate my scalp for the first 1-2 weeks then its pure heaven. I always fix a short weave or a long weave i can "pack". And i can carry hair sha!!!.

    But i understand what you mean about the naija heat.

  11. Hmm...maybe that's the secret...persevere till you get used to the weave. Happy it works for you Natural Girl. Like our Natural Sister bloggers say it is a good way to protect your hair :)



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