I've got my Oils!!

Hi People!! Remember the post I did on Vanity Oils? Well I just got my bottle of Castor Oil and a free bottle of Coconut Oil!! Thank you Ladies! I must commend Ekua and Tomi for dong a great job satisfying this customer.
I called them last week but did not reveal my identity. Unlike most Nigerian businesses the voice that answered  was polite and very respectful. They immediately sent information on how I could pick up my oils and how they could deliver them. I paid just N500 for delivery and N2000 for my bottle of castor oil (8oz).
What impressed me the most  was the patience they showed when there was a mix up with the address for delivery (my mistake:)). So sorry Ekua:). I felt guilty and did not want to give her much stress but she made sure that my oils got delivered that day. My friend who was to collect the oils also commented on her patience and politeness towards the customer. So I'll give them an A for Customer Service. As for the oils; I'm happy that I got them in time for a castor oil challenge:) For more on this visit kinkycurlycoilyme.... lets see if this stuff really works.

Amebo: If you haven't heard let me tell you: Natural Nigerian and Screwy Haired Girl are organizing another meetup and Vanity Oils has promised to be there. So if you need any of the oils listed on the product find page you could shill and get yours at the meet up. But if you are just as impatient as I am abeg call them and make your orders.


  1. I'm glad you got your oils. Praying for health growth and lovely hair.

  2. Hey i am a new natural. I just went thru ur blog and i loved it, Keep up the good work.it has helped me to answer some questions that have been bothering me. Thanks

  3. Thank you JenJen!! I look at your hair line and hope for the best with mine:)
    Hi Anon! Thanks for stopping by and happy to help:)

  4. am sort of a new natural myself but been using castor oil for like four months now and i have seen alot of difference in my hair.my hair is much fuller and thicker now.

  5. Wow... I hope castor Oil gives the results that it has given you Ladies.
    Thanks for visiting Martha.
    Peace,Love and Natural!

  6. Hi, so apart from palm oil and palm kernel oil and coconut oil, I'm curious to know what other oils are indigenous to Nigeria and have a not-so-strong smell/color but also good for the hair.



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