Man-Shanu Review

Straight to the point...
After cowashing, I liberally applied the product to my damp hair (in sections), wore plastic caps and left the hair too deepcondition. I had other things to do so I left it on for 5hrs. Then the wahala came: Rinsing was annoying! I had to do another co-wash with lots of conditioner to get the stuff off my hair! After washing it I was too tired to do anything to it so I applied my leave in and went to bed.
In the morning I took down each individul braid, applied coconut oil and Shea butter to the ends( Shea b. from the kinkyapothecary. My hair loves that stuff!)

My Experince:

  • Man-shanu has slip so application was easy.
  • My ends were really dry after taking down old twists but this morning I noticed how soft and well behaved my ends are. No matting and sectioning was easy (you know difficult tightly coiled hair gets when the ends are dry)
  • For want of a better description my hair strands seem thicker. For last  two weeks I  noticed my hair breaking more than usual . Even after deep conditioning ,my hair still felt dry. The first day after wash-day was great but by the third day I noticed that my hair (especially the ends) were really dry. Anyways today I could count the number of stands I saw after finger combing. So my Fulani classmates might just be right when they say it reduces breakage.
  • Unlike most of the deep conditioners I have used, man-shanu does not drip all over. It sticks to the hair like...butter:)
Well, I think that man-shanu, like MissJay said ,will be better  for a pre-poo treatment if used alone. As a deep conditioner it sticks to the hair and you might have to wash your hair all over again.  I'd  rather mix it with other products than use it alone as a deep conditioner.
I'll use it for a prepoo treatment next and do a review. This wont be anytime soon sha...

I put the product in a bowl with a cover and stored it in the fridge. It might get hard but when you take it out and leave it for sometime it'll return to its normal consistensy

Pic1: Hair with product
Pic2:After cowash #2
Pic3:Dry hair


  1. Looks good. Have you tried applying an oil directly on your ends for several days? That might help to keep your ends in great shape between deep conditionings.

  2. Besides being sticky it sounds like it prevented breakage and that alone is worth using.

  3. Thanks for the advice ladies! I will try it your way JazzWife.

  4. Now you have Sis. So if you travel to the North or if your friend's coming down here ask for man-shanu:)



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