The braids are gone!!

I took down my braids yesterday cause I was scared of  getting matted hair. The hair sticking out of the braids coiled up so tightly that I felt like I might have done more harm than good in leaving the yarn in for this long.It took me about an hour to loosen the whole hair ^_^ and I was happy with how good my hair looked after take down.
In the picture below you'll see the braids unraveling at the ends and the hairs sticking out of the braid.
Well I can say that I'm happy with what I learned during this short period: it pays to take care of your hair while its in a protective style. 
My hair is healthy, my scalp is not itchy, my ends look great and my edges look better.
I have been getting questions from readers asking about my yarn braid maintenance.Well, I'll do a post specially for you ladies tomorrow. Till then.. Peace, Heart and Natural


  1. Sweets, I'm natural also and I'm so envious of ur hair length and texture. Love ur blog.

  2. Thank you Omoke! I really appreciate it:)



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