Tip from Anonym: Aloe Vere gel for your hairline?

For the first time, I met a lady in her 50's who walked up to me and said "I Love your afro dear".  Responding with a shy smile and a thank you,I noticed that she had a beautiful grey Teeny Weeny Afro and a healthy hair line. Since I'd  gotten questions about  breakage at the edges I asked  what her secret was and she said  "Aloe Vera gel".
Me: That's all?
Lady: Yes. Plant some Aloe Vera and  use the gel that comes out of it- when it gets mature- on your 'baby hair'. I have found that it helps prevent breakage. And...*whispering* ...that's how Onyeka Onwenu maintains her healthy hair line."

Among other benefits, Aloe Vera gel has been known to prevent hair loss, reduce dandruff, maintain PH balance, and promote hair growth.
When at home (where I can get better Aloe Vera leaves without begging my neighbor J), I use aloe vera gel- straight from the plant- as a leave-in and in my deep conditioner . For easy application and  detangling during a deep treatment,  I mix it with a conditioner and Olive Oil. This leaves me with soft manageable hair. I'll advice that you try this out if you have coarse natural hair.
 But before rushing off to start something new, note that Aloe Vera gel can leave the hair feeling hard and dry when applied alone. So if I'm to try out what our Anonymous  Lady said, I'll mix the juice with something...Shea butter...castor oil ...or better yet, I'll mix it with some water and Olive oil and then spray the mix on my hair!!
What do you think Ladies?


  1. I use to use aloe vera gel often, but stopped. Not sure if I had a reason...probably some new product to try. But, after reading this, I will have to get re introduce my hair to it.

    I recently used the aloe vera juice while washing and I liked the soft results of that.

    Nice post.

  2. Very good point! I actually was a user of Aloe Vera Gel (straight from the plant) when I was still in Nigeria. It worked well...so I definitely agree!

  3. I love Aloe Vera gel. I use it to slick down my edges all the time. A little castor oil mixed with Aloe Vera and my leave in conditioner gave me healthy edges.

  4. Thanks Tonya! I also stopped using aloe gel for the same reason...but I'll be back to it for sure.

    Hi Oluwaseun. Isn't it funny that we have plants like aloe growing at our 'backyard' and still we want what we can't get...

    Hi JenJen! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try it out you way:)

  5. I believe this is true sis! I also use aloe vera gel - straight from the plant - but only for deep conditioning treatments, leave - ins and butters. I did try it a long time ago to take my edges. Worked well. Might try it again to maintain a healthy hair line.

  6. Hm! I must try this thing out o. Thanks for sharing Sis!

  7. I wrote a similar post a while back about my own mother's impressions and remembrances of aloe vera straight from the plant. I'm telling you . . . our hair responds to this stuff. It is definitely great for our hair and our hair line.

  8. So sad that all the aloe vera plants in my house have been destroyed

  9. Another testimony...I cant wait to get home! Thanks JazzWife.

    AN: My sister go plant more o...I don't know why I fashied the aloe plant for such a long time...I guess I underestimated it eh

  10. this is so helpful i guess i should try it. thank you.

  11. Thanks everyone for your comments. I will start using aloe vera leaf gel tomorrow.



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