Frizz and Shrinkage: Your best friends this rainy season

If you have tried braid/twist outs without getting definition this rainy season,  don’t try harder because the moisture in the air won't let you get the desired results. The best advice I can give naturals this season is: EMBRACE YOUR HAIR…frizz, shrinkage and all.
Find products that will give you soft manageable hair, and try out simple styles  instead of fighting your hair and the weather.
Below are  some of the styles I enjoy wearing during the rainy season:
 Frizzy Fro

Above are pictures taken by Natural Nigerian at one of our meet ups:).
 You could also try updo's like the one I'm doing on the lady's medium length, undefined Fro. To style my frizzy fro, I took down my braids, applied some Olive Oil and let the humid Lagos weather do the rest:)

Loose Twists
I love this style because my hair looks fuller and I can style the twists in a number a ways.
My new  twists
 Old twists
I thought my loose twists were the best:( on link to see Miss Fizz's full and beautiful twists **hair envy**

These Chunky Braids are so easy to maintain!
 The first picture was taken on a Monday and the frizzy one was taken on a Friday. Great style for busy days...
This style lasts for 2-3 weeks.

Finally, don’t forget  how terrific the African threading technique is in keeping your hair from getting matted and unmanageable.
 My hair was super coily and that usually leads to knots and tears
 So I used the thread on the ends and...
 voila...better behaved ends:)
The threads stretched out my coils, making styling easy. Please excuse the pins...they weren't supposed to show:) 
Using this technique, you could even get your hair to look as stretched as Wakeema’s hair in the picture below 
Thats all  for now.Notice any changes with your hair this season? Please share.


  1. Nice post. The picture of your chunky braids, is it recent? Your edges look quite grown. Is it Castor oil that did that?
    What is the difference between loose twists and mini twists? These things confuse me.

  2. Thanks Anon! Yes O, castor Oil has been working its magic on my edges.
    Loose twists could be done on mini twists or chunky twists. What makes loose twists different is that you twist the roots tightly and make the rest of the twists really loose. It helps those of us who normally have scalpy twists pretend that we have have a full head of hair:). For better understanding visit Urbanbushbabes for the very short video on how to do loose twists

  3. I like which encourage ladies to embrace and accept. All the fighting we do to get our hair to do what we WANT instead of listening to our hair and doing what it needs could be eliminated by just taking your good advice. You know me . . . I'm already there!

    Great post! Great pictures!!

  4. I never knew that its hard to get definitions in rainy season. Really eye-opening.

  5. Love the achieved stretched look sis!! And great tips too!

    By the way, I tagged you. Check out my blog for more info.



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