I dont know about you, but I LOVE Nathalie Makoma's big frizzy hair!

Nigerians might not know this Lady, but this is Nathalie Makoma from the Makoma gospel family band. I was in Cameroon when they hit and from Dscahng, to Boya, to Bamenda, to Yaounde...thats all I heard. I didn't understand what they were saying  but I sure loved the beats. I've always 
wondered what happened to them, but I hear that they have a new album out.
Back to hair talk: I'm happy that a number of African artists are spotting Afro's. I know they are wigs but I most definitely prefer this look to the fake Brazilian weave almost every girl on the streets is wearing.


  1. I dare you to go out like that :p. Definitely a WILD hair for sure.

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  3. Lol...I've worn my hair out like this...ans it was more frizzy and wild than this one:)

  4. I love the volume! I wish my natural hair could get that big.



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