Blogger Spotlight: Dabs of Naija Hair Can Grow

Introduce yourself;
Hi, my name is Dabs and I am the author of the blog Naija Hair Can Grow.

What are your favorite products?

Dabs: I love and  mainly use all natural products from shea butter to essential oils like extra virgin olive oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil to castor oil, I love them all! For manufactured products, I love Main and Tails detangler, TREsemme  heat protectant and curl hydration, Chi silk infusion. I also love Aphogee's 2 min reconstructor conditioner.

What and who inspires your hairstyles?

Dabs: My hair styles can be inspired by any body, it could be a celebrity today, tomorrow it's a lady at church, another day it could be a 6year old girl!LOL...but I always add my own twist to any style I do.

What inspired Naija Hair Can Grow?

Dabs: Naija Hair Can Grow was birthed from my desire to share with many ladies, especially those from Nigeria, my beloved nation, my tried and tested ways to grow their hair. Having been in a hair rot my self back in 2009 and seeing how my hair had transformed from being dry, brittle, damaged and short to long and healthy. I was more than convinced that starting a blog to  reach ladies who were in my position in 2009 would be my way of sharing the love!! Plus I truly was tired of repeating myself to strangers who admired my hair and wanted to know what I was doing to keep it healthy, referring them to a blog was a quick and easy option for me!LOL

How has your journey been so far?

Dabs: It's been awesome, I have gone from the girl who looked longingly at ladies with healthy and long hair to the girl who now has healthy and long hair. It was no walk in the park in the beginning, I had to figure out what works for me, I had to overcome the urge to relax my hair every  4  to 6 weeks or the urge to color my hair blonde and really tried to take out time to attend to the needs of my hair.

What are some of the problems you have experienced with the two textures on your head (permed and natural)?

Dabs:  I find that moisturizing and conditioning  your hair when your new growth is in is key because the line of demarcation between the relaxed and natural hair is super sensitive and any tug with a comb can yank your hair out. So that's why when my new growth is in, I do not joke with my water and glycerin mixture to soften that line and avoid breakage.

Give some encouraging words to Naija Ladies who struggle with mane acceptance.

Dabs: Naija ladies I know for a fact that it is not easy to maintain healthy hair in this Country, we have to deal with the humidity in our climate topped with the unskilled personalities parading themselves as hair stylists in our rugged salons where they treat hair like weaves!! It's really easy to throw in the towel and join the band wagon of 100% Indian hair - weave - wearers 364 days a year until your hair line disappears but like I've said on my blog, hair is like a relationship; you have to be willing to make things work. Please do not hand over your hair fate to anybody, take care of your hair the best you can, luckily more and more ladies especially naturals are starting blogs and sharing helpful information, please take advantage because at the end of the day, our hair is our crown of glory.

To get the Alicia Keys Inspired Updo...
Hold  hair into a high pony tail and attach your Expression kanekelon extension. Braid, and pin hair into place. Simple!
Thanks for sharing Dabs!! 
For more hair inspiration  from our fine Naija sister abeg visit Naija Hair Can Grow  or like her on Facebook.


  1. Dabs's hair is gorgeous and her blog is fire! Nice interview

  2. Awwww thanks guys for the support, I remain grateful for a platform like this that can reach out to as many people as possible who need encouragement, thumbs up deep brown kinks, your doing a great job! More grease!!

  3. ^_^...thanks for the interview Dabs. Once I get my kinky twists off, I'll most def. stalk your blog for more inspiration.

    Thanks for your comments Natural Girl and JazzWife.

  4. Waow!! That's some beautiful hair!
    Love the idea of Naija Hair Can Grow!!!
    Our women need inspiration & education about taking care of their hair, not just their wigs!
    Thank you for sharing.


  5. Hi Dabs,I guess you're fine.pls I really need help with my permed hair as it's breaking at the front side of the hair out of over-relaxing over the years with different brands of relaxers. Pls how can you help me?



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