Hair Update

Hi, people! Long time no hair talk. Well, my hair had been in chunky braids and under wraps for weeks until I vex twist am. I have been really busy and I needed a style that'll allow me to wake up and go. Ladies like Dabs of NHCG, JazzWife of Slimwavy , Jen of  JGN and Miss Fizz of LITK  have been making me jelous with the pretty styles they post on their blogs but I just can't find the time to try something new. Add that to the weather that won't let most fro styles stay in for more than  a day and you get no mane-creativity from me.
Two days before twisting, I co-washed my hair, applied very little Coconut oil and braided it to stretch it out a bit.Interestingly, I've found that  my hair stays soft and tangle free even when I don't use leave-in-conditioners. Its like the leave-in's just help with hold alone.
So I let my hair air dry, which took 2 days - no thanks to the weather - and on day 3 I began twisting.

 Prior to day 3,I bought  kinky extensions called First Lady for N1000. This brand is the closest to my hair type that I could find in the market.
 It doesn't tangle as much as other kinky extensions do and it is really soft. I just wonder why it comes with so many hair bands. I bought two packets of the stuff and my jobless junior sister made a smiley face from the excess.

It took me 2 days to twist all my hair and while twisting, I made sure that the roots were really lose to get a  natural frizzy look.

After twisting all my hair, my Mom complained that it looked 'rough'. She even offered to pay a professional to do it again but I declined. I'd rather have 'rough' hair than NO hair at all. When our Naija stylists have their way with your hair, they hold too tightly to the roots and nothing you say will make them stop. This leads to breakage and loss of your natural hair line. I think its better to do your own hair or get someone you can train to take orders:)

This week will be the third week since I twisted it ( sorry for not posting early:)... na too much waka cause am) and I plan on washing it tomorrow.
Ey...that reminds me, I need to get a new blow dryer to speed up the drying process of my hair. I don't think I can keep up with the 2-3 days waiting period before letting my hair out.

That'll be all about me for now. Till next time,BLESSINGS!!


  1. The twists look great! Remember I'm a teacher and out for the summer, so I have some extra time on my hands to play with my hair. Thanks for the shout out.

  2. This hair does'nt look rough to me. Good job

  3. Loving the high top bun! Looks fabulous to me.

    And thank you for the wonderful shout out!

  4. Thanks for the comments Ladies!! Its always great to stop by your blogs and get more hair inspiration.

    Hi Okeoghene! Thanks for the compliment.

  5. The twists look great! Nice job!



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