Hair style for the week

Deep condition your hair:  Mix Aloe Vera gel (straight from the plant)  with a conditioner. Leave on for some mins (or however long you want), rinse off and style.
Results: Soft, manageable hair.For more  read this very short post on some benefits of aloe vera gel.
 First pic. shows  Aloe Vera plants I transplanted from Ibadan to Abuja and the second shows my old plants.Notice that the leaves in the first picture are thicker than those in the second pic....yes, I know aloe 2 is over crowded*sigh*  one of these days I'll space them out...or better yet I'll just uproot some and throw them away. There is only  so much I can use.

Drying: Instead of styling wet hair, speed up the drying process by using an old cotton t-shirt to dab off most of the water from your freshly washed hair (thanks for sharing Precious Curls)
-Apply  moderate quantities of  products like your leave in conditioner and sealants (e.g Shea butter)too much and you'll spend more time waiting for your hair to dry.
- Instead of sleeping with a satin scarf, sleep using  a satin pillow case at night. This will allow the air dry your while you sleep at night.To avoid getting your pillow wet, wash your hair hours before bed and then  follow the first direction
My favorite styling tools: Brown wide tooth comb (N70-N100) for detangling, blue comb (N50) for sectioning, and thread for stretching.

Styling: After washing and braiding your hair might clump together giving you what is popularly known as hair definition. While fluffing at this stage might be easy, sectioning your hair to create clean lines- like in the hair pictures above - might be difficult.
Solution: Using your fingers, section hair to get an imperfect line. Then use a comb (like the blue one above, a rat tail comb, or a biro- that's what we used in boarding school*_^) to get a straight or perfectly curved  line before plaiting.  Using your fingers first helps you gently separate the clumped hair before using a comb thus reducing the tangles and knots at your ends.
Dry hair still clumped together after much fluffing (sorry for the blurry picture)


  1. Nice tips!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Love your aloe vera plants...I also have a little nursery. And my those things grow like weed when they want to. I just separated a bunch of clumped ones last week...I would say you can send some to


  2. Lol...let me how how I can send them*_^.
    I noticed how fast the thing grows and spreads without you doing anything to it.That's why I advice people to grow their own plants if they cant find the bottled gel.

  3. I am loving your twist updo, sooo fabulous.

  4. deep brown&kinky...I love back to natural btw..dott#

    1. ^_^...blessings Dott! Wishing you the best in your journey. Remember to enjoy each phase.
      Happy weekends!



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