Never Procastinate (hair update)

Hi People,
Yes, I know, it has been long since I did an NM hair related post. Please forgive my absence. Two weeks ago, thanks to the braid out technique I found on, I did the best braid out I had ever done. Since I was in a bit of a hurry, I decided to take pictures sometime during the day. Sadly, by afternoon I started feeling ill and in the evening I was completely down. Hair and pictures became the least of my priorities
By the end of the second week, my hair (pic. above)was almost completely stretched out (no curls) and my ends were starting to get dry. So I put the mane in two buns to  protect the ends before wash day.

On Saturday however, I tried to recreate the style for you all but unfortunately it was a huge FAIL.
 I mixed my old shea butter mix with some aloe vera gel ( I used more gel in this mixture than I did in the last one), then I:
  • co-washed  hair,
  • dabbed off some of the water  using an old cotton t-shirt,
  •  applied some HEHH in my hair as a leave in,
  • applied the Shea-Aloe mix, and
  •  braided hair (10 braids)
By the next day, my hair that usually takes 2-3 days to get dry was completely dry -hallelujah!(styling damp hair and not wet hair speeds up the drying process). I applied some coconut oil (to reduce frizz) and loosened the braids. My results?...
Really SOFT & FRIZZY hair.


This is not what I expected but I love the look and I LOVE how soft my hair feels. I used very little shea butter to seal in moisture and for take down, I used 2 drops of coconut oil on each section. I totally hate how my hair feels when I apply too much oil/product. Plus I've found that the mane is more manageable when I go easy on the products. Moderation goes a long way.
As for the 'perfect' braid-out fail, I'm putting the blame on the extra aloe vera gel I added to the shea mix. The next time I try this style, I'll use less aloe gel and by God's grace I'll have pictures with  results for you...No more procrastination (amen!).

Note: The term 'perfect hair' is relative. What I like, you might not like and vice versa. I have a habit of messing up my hair to get a big puffy fro because perfect hair to me is a soft big puffy fro. But if this not your thing, hi5!!  Do you.
Tip: To get a more defined look, you can  do smaller braids without separating the clumped hair strands after take down. Or you can do medium/big braids and then separate the clumped hair once.Follow this up by using your fingers to rough up the lines so they are not obvious, and head on out. 
Remember to re-braid hair or put it up in a pineapple bun before going to sleep. This helps keep the curls in for a longer time.


  1. Your hair looks great!

  2. Missed you . . . glad to see a post from you!

  3. I love big hair! You can do many things with this look. I'm still learning how to like my twist outs.

  4. Me too JenJen!! I so agree with you. Big hair can do a lot of things that scaly hair can't. The learning never stops. I'm learning about the unpredictability of twist outs but it is the easiest way to get strecthed big hair😃

  5. how do you know if you really used 2drops of coconut oil? lol. Did you not get enough definition because your hair needed more time in the braids? because i can NEVER get a good OUTS style unless the hair is left in twists or braids for at least 3days.
    Also, how are you able to properly mix aloe vera gel and shea butter without an emulsifier?

    1. Lol...I know that I used 2 drops because the bottle I used has a nozzle that allows the oil come out in drops.
      To your second question, my hair was dry. I made sure it was. I know for fact that ALMOST dry hair equals FRIZZ and TIGHT difficult coils after styling.
      I noticed the same thing about day 3 braids giving great results but I get really impatient. What am I to do with my hair for 3 days before wearing my hair out!!?
      And to your final question,since I'm not a science person I'll have to say I don't know. I got the recipe from Precious, tried it and it worked great. Maybe you should click on the link and ask her or better yet you can try it out yourself. The first time around I used a teaspoon of the gel to 3 teaspoons of the Shea mix. Whip it up real good and its ready for use.
      Thanks for the comment,its always great to read them.



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