FroLove: Nigeria

The natural corner in Nigeria can be lonely place to be. However, things seem to be changing. See pictures below...
Nse Ekpe Etim

Ituen Ibasi  (middle)
A recent picture of  Ituen Ibasi rocking a TWA at the just concluded 2012 Lagos fashion and Design Week.

Chidima from project her TWA!!
Who says natural hair is 'bush'?


  1. Nse Ekpe Etim is one of my favorite Nigerian actress. She knows how to act each role, like she's experienced it herself!

    I also love her hair, it just suits her. Shes actually more beautiful with her natural hair.

    Chindinma has a bubbly personality; it shines through her pictures. The hair looks lovely on her!

  2. I am a bit surprised that Kate Henshaw hasn't been featured lately by any natural hair blogger. All through the audition stage of the new reality program 'Nigeria's Got Talent' she wore her hair in different fabulous natural states, from twists to twist outs. Check it out!

    And Nse looks fab!!

  3. I still have that Complete Fashion magazine and I always go back to look at that fro hawk!
    Natural hair rocks!
    It's a pity we don't appreciate our natural hair!
    Yes, Kate Henshaw has been rocking natural hair on NGT and hers is the longest I've seen so far after TY Bello's. For some reason, the natural celebrities shy away from longer natural hair and prefer teeny weeny afros and fades.

  4. Your blog is so inspiring... love it!!!

  5. I love this post. Nigerians need to appreciate natural hair more.



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