Guess What I found...

...a picture of my crazy hair line back in the day.
 I never knew how bad my hair line was until after I went natural...throwing away that last  relaxer pack was a very good decision
                          JazzWife was right, I do have good hair *_^
My sister and I had a good laugh at the first picture but trust me when I say that 4 years ago, it was definitely not a laughing matter. I'm sharing these pictures not to show off growth but to encourage all the ladies who have shared their hair loss frustrations with me.
Please keep on with your new hair techniques and ignore all the negative energy. One day soon your hair line would be back to normal :).


  1. OMG! This is an excellent post which I hope will encourage and inspire others. Switching gears, congratulations on your hairline recovery!!! What amazing progress you've made.

    1. Thank you! Its really funny how my hair line got better but I never noticed just how improved it was ^_^

  2. Indeed, you have a beautiful natural hair. Great job on parting ways with the relaxer, a lot of people find it hard to do so. You are brave and beautiful, embrace it! Keep it up!

    1. All those kind words for mini me? Aww...thank you Jason Chan. Really appreciate it:)



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