Understanding Ahia Natural Nigerian Abuja

The Natural Nigerian hair and body line is produced and packaged by the owner of Natural Nigerian.com. When the brand was created, the first people to enjoy its goodness where those of us who lived in Lagos and its environs. At the time, NN, having a passion for healthy hair and a healthy life style in general took the products to her clients the best way she could; through Ahia Natural Nigerian online store. Thanks to the internet, all her early customers had to do then, was order online and for just an extra fee of 500-700, they could get their favorite hair/body products.
Seeing how Lagos curlies were getting all the good stuff, those of us in Abuja  refused to be left out. At that time, our only hope of getting good natural hair products was to save up and wait for a friend who was traveling out of the country. But listening to and being considerate of her growing audience, NN decided to bring the party closer to the people. ABJ ladies were then given the option of either ordering from Lagos and picking up their products or having them delivered to their doorsteps. This however came with a price that many of us tried, but could not afford to pay. 

What to do...
Once more, NN decided to bring her products even closer to her Abuja customers. We looked for and found 2 stores that belonged to women who understood Naturals and the difficulties they faced in understanding their hair, product labels, and techniques.

Why go through all that stress?
Well its simple, since you can not see Natural Nigerian all the time, you can visit any of the stores - not just to buy products but to also get good hair care advice from veteran naturals.

Is that all?
NO, these stores are strategically located. Keeks pharmacy is located in Jabi at Bright star plaza, No 50 Ebitu Ukiwe street. Apart from customers in Jabi Keeks pharmacy also serves customers from Utako district,Wuse and Maitama.
Next on the list is  Lumo Naturals Store and salon which is  located at Suite G8, Mbouty plaza, Marcus Garvey street , behind Emirates hotel, off 5th avenue, Gwarinpa. Lumo, apart from her gwarinpa customers also serves customers from Apo, Life camp, Kubwa and its environs. 

Isn't that great?! Of course but that is not all....
For those of you who prefer home delivery; you can place your orders by sending an email to orders@naturalnigerian.com to have your products delivered right at your doorstep for a fee of N500 (within AMAC)

So lets do the math...
Ordering from Lagos:
  • 1 NN leave in: :N2500
  • 1 NN coconut oil (4oz): N1000
  • Source: NaturalNigerian.com
  • 1 Tea Tree essential oil:N1500
  • 1 hemp seed oil:N1050
  • Total: N6050
  • Delivery:N1500
  • Grand Total: N7550

Buying from Lumo Naturals Abuja:
  • 1 NN leave in: N2500
  • 2 NN coconut oil:N1050
  • 1 tea tree essential oil:N1600
  • 1 Hemp seed oil:N1100
  • Total:N6250
  • Delivery:****
  • Grand Total: N6250
  • Savings: N1300 (a bottle of palm kernel or sweet almond oil + N350 change)
  • Awoof: Apart from your savings, you get to share your hair frustrations with the owner of the salon/store who will definitely share tried and trusted solutions.

Home Delivery:
You get to have all of the above while saving cost on transportation... after all N500 can not comfortably take you to your destination and back.

And before some of us start rioting for equal representation, know that we are still working hard to bring NN's products much-much closer to you. Ladies and gents in states like Kogi, Nassarawa, Kaduna, and Niger state, can also reach out to us and we would find a way of putting a smile on your face.

Much love to all our esteemed customers, we totally appreciate your support and always look forward to a serving you the best way we can:)
Thank you and stay Blessed!

Please NOTE that Abuja prices may slightly differ from online store prices.


  1. I hav jst recently moved from gwarinpa to garki n i find myself looking fr an alternative natural products source apart frm lumo nTurals...this post really helped..thanks nat mane!! Wen do we expect a meet up?? ^-^

  2. Hi Sultana, you are so welcome:) I think Keeks pharmacy is closer to you now. As for the meetup, plans are ongoing. We will give you an update real soon. See you soon:)



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