Knowing I won't always be around my junior sisters I taught all 3 of them the basics of hair care (washing, braiding, twisting, threading, safe flat ironing, deep conditioning etc) This has taken some of the responsibility for their hair off me. In the past I did everything for them even when it was not convenient. Now, I only help out when it is absolutely necessary.
Here are pictures showing their first twists which were done solo.
                   I was so proud to see both of them working in sections I had to  take pictures

Notice how stretched out their hair is? Well they both decided to use a hot iron. Being the over-saby that I am, I remember not being in support. But hey, its their hair so I held back on all the do's and don'ts and let them do their thing...while secretly monitoring them *.^
End Result

Last month, I had a cut on my finger and could not braid my hair that was already washed and ready for styling. So for the first time, I let one of my  students plait the braids for me while I watched a movie. Below are the results
Week one
  I wanted the twists to be loose and frizzy so I did  most of them by myself.


 Week 3 (playing around with my simple style)
I was really impressed with her work so when she comes back from school, I will try to get her to braid a bit more often so she can perfect her skills.

So what do you think? Good teacher, awesome student?


  1. Good effort with the braids, and great hair!

  2. Good teacher, awesome student! Great job there. I need to perfect my skills o! The hairstyle looks really amazing. I wish I could see it with your hair down. Was the back of your head braided plaited as well?

    Sorry about the cut on your finger.

    1. Thank you Archie! Most of the back was twisted. Imagine one side of patewo (or shade) that takes up just a quarter or less of the back. Then the rest is twisted. Hope this helps. If not send me a mail.Bless!

  3. Awesome Student, Great Teacher! Awhhhh! Well done! I have to learn o. Was the back of your head plaited? I wish I saw the style with your hair down.

    Sorry about the finger cut. Hope it's healed nicely.

  4. I need your number or email address..... I need to connect with you♡ is my address. Please reach out to me as soon as you can.

  5. Where are you in abuja pls. Gr8 job. Kudos



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