Head Wraps and Healthy Hair

As we approach the harmattan season a lot of ladies start to dread the hair loss that accompanies the dry harsh weather. A great way to protect your hair during this season is by tying head wraps. I have observed that the sisters with the most healthy heads of hair in Nigeria  are those from the Northern part of the country. Their manes are  almost always covered (either for  religious or cultural reasons). Their secret to healthy hair: HEAD WRAPS + LOW MANIPULATION. I asked a friend of mine to share her regimen and here's her reply.

Nomadic Fulani Girl
  • Wash her hair weekly or biweekly
  • Deep condition whenever she feels the need. I think that the reason for minimal breakage with little deep conditioning is a protected head of hair. Because her hair is always protected from the harsh afternoon sun, it stays moisturized for as long as possible.
  • Hardly ever trims her hair. Reason? Low hair manipulation equals healthy  hair strands  (few split ends)
  • Braids her hair and it stays so for 2-3 weeks.
  • Lastly, she applies a little Shea butter daily before tying her head tie.  
I know for a fact that when I apply Shea butter to my hair and tie it up, I get  very soft hair at the ending of the day. Shea butter + heat (under the head tie) sort of deep conditions the hair.
So when the weather gets too harsh for you hair, always consider tying your headwrap. It is a super easy protective style. 

Tip From NN:
 Wear a satin scarf under your cotton headwraps. Cotton absorbs moisture and while it is great  for the body, it the reverse for the hair.

This post has been edited and reposted in preparation for the harmattan season.


  1. I find that a good tip is to wear a satin scarf under your cotton head wraps. Cotton absorbs moisture and while that it is great for the body, it is the reverse for hair.

  2. Too true NN. I will post that up there. Thanks!

  3. couldn't agree more! I recently bought some silk scarfs from the market as I plan to wear head wraps more often in the summer! At least when outdoors. I find wearing a satin scarf under the silk scarf helps hold the silk scarf in place



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