Coily Ends Wahala!!

Yesterday I woke up with super coily ends after taking down chunky braids. I was tired of tying my hair everyday and time was not on my side. 
What did I do to prevent serious knotting? I used my already prepared threads to stretch out just the ends of my hair. I sectioned my hair into 4, applied the last of my Shea butter mix :(,quickly tied up the ends with thread, and pinned them down using hair pins.

In less than 30mins I loosened the threads and my ends were smooth enough for styling. When my ends are smooth  styling is faster and easier. If I let my ends coil up without taking the strands apart, my hair will be so knotted up by the end of the day and we  know that knotted ends= breakage.

Thanks to thread I was ready in no time for my N.Y.S.C CD(community development) meeting!!

TIP: In my hurry I found that the threads can stay without being knotted at the end. So if you have problem ending your threaded hair with a knot you can tie up the hair and just leave the thread hanging. It wouldn't come undone.


  1. interesting concept.

    now following.

    ps- i grew up in ibadan :)

  2. Wow, your hair is lovely. I am waiting for my hair to be as long as this. I have serious knot issues also, cos I am mostly always on protective twists.

    I tried to understand the process you talked about, but I am not really sure I understood fully. Is it possible you do a video? Please, please, please.

    For example, what did you apply the shea butter on, your hair or scalp? etc.

  3. You have very beautiful hair! Thanks for sharing your tips :).

  4. oh my your hair looks lovely.can't wait for mine to get to this length.i love love love your hair

  5. Wow, it ended up looking almost like a blowout

  6. Fantastic! Such an easy solution. I will definitely be trying this out.

  7. Thanks Ladies!!
    Aloted I'm in your town now o.Thanks for following :)
    @ Africa Naturalista Sorry for not being to detailed. What I did was to apply shea butter to my ends alone and then used the thread.See the second pic.Knotted ends are one of the problems we ladies with type 4 hair face. I used to trim my hair a lot until I remembered how to thread. Please give it a try. I'm sure you will love it. Here's a link showing how I thread my hair



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