Soft Natural Hair

While shopping at Sahad stores, this beautiful sister walked up to me and asked; "where can I get pink oil?". After some questions and answers, I realized that she was natural under her weave. Her major problem with her hair is that " it is too stubborn". She could not believe that my braided natural hair looked so neat. Yes, I get that reaction a lot, some people find it hard believing that my hair is natural most especially when they touch it. I believe that no matter what your hair type is you can still  have soft hair. Here's how I keep my hair soft:

  • I wash my hair biweekly using the traditional black soap.
  • I wash my hair weekly; using a conditioner.
  • I deep condition my hair weekly or biweekly ( first,second and third are done when I'm not in braids or twists).
  •  Shea butter , mayonnaise, olive oil, honey, aloe vera gel (from the plant),henna wax and coconut milk are used for deep conditioning.
  • I use natural oils. My best oils are Coconut Oil and Olive oil. Moderation is the key word . Use too much oil and you'll end up with oily hair.
  • Immediately after washing my hair, I apply a good leave in conditioner. 
  • While my hair is still damp, I  apply coconut oil and braid. 
  •  I air dry my hair during the dry season and use my hooded dryer  (on low heat) during the rainy season. Direct heat from hair dryers and flat irons leave the mane dry.
  • Organic Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion is what I use in place of Pink oil. I love the smell and it makes my natural hair soft. 
A friend with coarse hair began co-washing more often, deep conditioning and applying coconut oil to her natural hair sometime last month. She's got a soft mane now. I think our hair likes to stay moisturized. Take away moisture and you are left with "stubborn hair".
If  and when I come up with something new I'll edit this post. Happy weekends...what's left of it...and Blessings!!


  1. ℓ♥√ع this. Thanks. Would try it from now. My hair is realy stubborn

  2. loosened my braids two days ago to discover loss of my hair in clumps.started applying ori since then and i can say my hair is softer now and the breakage is less..went to the market and bought snake fat and black soap to add to my shampoo with red onions,overboard much?

    1. Hello Carla, seems a bit much o :) Please send a mail to and we would talk some more.

    2. thanks for replying..have been looking for this page ever since that day..will mail you ..thanks again



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