I Heart Oyo State!!

Hi Readers!!
I got back from Oyo state on Friday. My trip to the Western part of Nigeria was SO INTERESTING!! I had so much fun!! Yoruba people are very hospitable. Immediately I arrived Ibadan, I felt at home. I had no problem adjusting. Locating a hotel and my orientation Camp was no Problem at all.
Immediately I left camp I could not wait to comb the town. The buildings are old and the roofs brown with age. The town looks so untouched. All I can say is that there is a certain beauty that the old town holds.I still cant place it.
The people are so respectful and they treat copers like their biological children. Everyone wants to help a coper. I enter some cabs and my money is refunded to me. The people know how to make you feel special.
Now that I'm free of camp, I will resume blogging.Posts will be mostly on hair, culture and lifestyle of the western region of Nigeria. Much love!!
Leaving you with my fav. Yoruba musician...e ba wa gbadun (enjoy)

While in Dugbe market I heard the sounds of Ebenezer Obey playing from a store...I could not control myself, yes I shared some moves with the traders to the embarrassment of my friend:)...I love Old school!!


  1. I love Ebenezer Obey! Oh and yes, we are very hospitable people :)

  2. Hi Sisi Yemmie! You know, I'm seriously considering dumping Abuja and moving to Ibadan:)...I guess it's to early to make such decisions sha -_-



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