My little artist is at it again...

Table Mat

Beads,Cutter &Fishing Line
She made this key holders as well
    Thanks to her Arts teacher,my 13 year old sister makes these things with ease.Her holidays never end without her being productive. Buy her all the materials she needs and you might not hear from her for hours. 


  1. oh wow! I love her work. I absolutely love beading too

  2. Wow...your sister is sooo talented!!! I think I went through your while blog yesterday...I am seriously considering going natural o!

  3. Thanks ladies!! She will hear your comments.
    Honey Dame thanks for giving me your time. I'm too grateful :).I'm also excited that you want to go natural. Please go for it if you believe it's what you want and let me know if you have any problems.
    Blessings Sister!



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