Blogger Spotlight: Beauty Of Africa

"Africa is more than just huts and wild animals. Africa is filled with rich cultures, creative art, stunning people and is currently rising up as a fashion icon. My blog is dedicated to empowering African People and It's culture and showing another side of Africa. The beautiful and underrepresented side of Africa."

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  1. wassup, i just discovered your blog yesterday and i have been going through it small small, i wanted to know how or where you get fragrance. i want to make a shea butter conco for my body but i dont know where to get fragrance, your help will be greatly appreciated.
    i lov d oriental brodaz too, do you know Naeto C is related to them.

  2. My dear preach that's if people with chronic cases of narrow-mindedness can hear/see.

    Very beautiful pictures btw

  3. Hi chuks!! Thanks for visiting! I'm not so sure about were you can get fragrance. I use my mom's own and she bought it in Jand. I'll ask around and let you know.
    My say Naeto C is related to the Oriental Brothers?!...What!! No wonder I love Nice to know.Thanks for sharing more reason to stay a Naeto

    MsJb my Sister; I hear you o. We will keep on preaching who like make him hear,who no like... na you saby...IHeart Africa!!

  4. Chuks I just found a Lady who sells
    Send her a message and let her know I sent you:)

  5. wow, thanks for your help i really appreciate the troubles you took to get this info 4 me so fast, anyways it was funny the way you said "let her know i sent you" you sounded like a Mafia don lollll.



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