Africans Show Yourself!!

Hi people! Happy weekends o. Hope sey una dey kampe!
 I'm calling on all African readers to show off their traditional outfits here on DB&K. In Nigeria we get to wear traditional outfits to work on Fridays.Oh boy (south-south accent) need to see just how creative Nigerians can get with ankara...
 And because DB&K loves Africa, I've decided to bring my African brothers and sisters in the mix.Show us how it's done in  Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa...wherever you are...lets learn about each other.
All you need do is take a picture and send to with your name and the name of your outfit (if it has one).

Trad.Fridays is not just about African designers but about Africans! So take out your Camera/Phones and take beautiful pictures for us to see. Abeg SHOW YOURSELF!! This kind shakara no go wake palava...
And if you are shy, no problem.Anonymous pictures are just as beautiful!
Until next time...

Note:You don't need to be the designer of your outfit... as long as you are wearing it, share it with us.


  1. There are so many companies that don't allow trad of Fridays o. In fact most big companies do not allow trads at all.

    Love the pics

  2. ooohh sounds goood ooo!!!! I dey fo this pata pata!
    lol don't mind my rusty pidgin. Thanks for this. Can't wait to wear a native outfit. And YES Nigerians can get REALLY creative with ankara.


  3. Yeah Sis! I forgot about that...Sorry ha^ha.
    Looking forward to seeing your creations Funbi...and your pigin brings a smile to my face...keep practicing that one we dey hear for here:)

  4. whoops, too late. so, why can't you wear trad to work on any day of the week and why don't some companies allow it? I mean there are "westernized" styles which I don't see a problem with. oga o, us Africans really have a problem accepting our own culture.

  5. Hi Curious Kinks!
    You know, I've always asked myself the same question. Wearing suits and all those heat attracting fabrics are uncomfortable in our climate. You need to see how pitiful some bankers look on the streets in the heat season. Their ogas who force these rules are chilling in air conditioned cars and offices but jackie dey under sun dey sweat inside suit. Like you rightly said, Africans really have a problem accepting our own culture... and I must add climate!



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