My Loose Twists

Last week, I visited Ms Cee's blog and I knew I just had to try loose twists.
So yesterday while my hair was still damp, I stretched it out using sewing threads after applying Screwy Hair Butter and a Shea Butter mix from Mrs. Sherese of Caribbean Healthng.
To make my job easy I worked in sections.
 I just love what the threading does to my type 4 hair
The thread stretched my hair really well and this made sectioning super easy. The last picture shows a section I was about to twist...the thread keeps the knots and tangles away wela!

Although my hair doesn't look as full as my hair inspiration, I still love how full and frizzy it looks.
If you'll like to try this out,click here to view the short tutorial on urbanbushbabes.


  1. I love threading so much and your twists are beautiful:)

  2. I think she took hers out to make a twist out, which gave her the volume. I don't think I would take my hair out that soon after spending 8hrs on it!
    nice work though! they look very full

  3. You have beautiful hair! I like the twists; so nice! I'm sure you can do different styles with the twist! :)

  4. Looks good sis!
    Thank you for sharing! :)


  5. Thank You Tinuke!!
    Wow Curios Kinks, it took her 8hrs to get her hair done?! It took me just 3hrs...anyways her hair is longer that should be the reason. I'm with you sha...I wont take down the twists if it took me that long:)

    You bet Seun and I just love how frizzy it looks now. My friends say I look
    more like Dakore with the twists :)Thanks for the award Sis!

    Thanks Funbi!

  6. hey natmane.. pls can u make a video next time your doing twists..



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