Fat Twists inspired by JazzWife

 This is my hair style for the week..
I have been on low maintenance for some time now. Keeping my ends protected and doing very little to my hair fits perfectly with my current wake up-and-go life style.Funny enough, I've gotten complements from this very simple  hair style o...People are weird, they appreciate the things you least expect them to 0_o.

side view
 I used hair pins to hold the twists down

Rewind... Moisturizing my hair before twisting:
After taking down the old braids, I noticed that my hair was very dry. To solve the problem, I put water in a spray bottle, and sprayed it on my hair to moisturize it  (no oil or conditioner was added to the water) 

Remember not to use hard water to moisturize your hair. 

To get the moisture in without getting my hair dripping wet, I sprayed little water and smoothed my kinks afterwards. If no shrinkage, like in the first picture below, I spray on more water. Then I applied very little of my Shea butter mix to seal in the moisture.
I moisturized and sealed in sections.Then braided and twisted the ends.
To protect my hair from dust while doing some major cleaning, I tied my hair with a scarf. This allowed my hair soak in more of the moisture. Notice how bigger the  braids look after taking off the scarf. The reason for this is that when wet, hair swells as it absorbs water.
By the next morning, my hair was dry, soft, and defined. I love the results of using just water and Shea butter to moisturize my hair. Little, I've noticed goes a long way. You don't need too much product and you don't need to cut off your neck with expenses to get soft, manageable, natural  hair.
In my hurry to style my hair into 2 chunky braids  for work, I ended up with a frizzy fro. Sorry, i dont have a picture of the braids.
Till next time people,
Peace, Heart and Natural!

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  1. This is a good look on you. I love it and the big fro is cute!

  2. Your hair looks great! Hope to get my hair as long as this some day.

  3. I love the twisting style. I will be trying it soon, I hope it looks nice like yours. Cos I remember the last time I tried to copy you, let's just say it wasn't funny.

  4. Thank you JenJen!!

    Don't worry Myne,you'll get there...just keep loving the mane and it'll respond:)

    Lol...AN,don't worry this should work fine for you.I look forward to seeing twists that look better than mine. Please share your results.

  5. OMG! OMG! I am so in love with the second picture. These fat twists look excellent in your hair. And I just LOVE the last picture. Can't help it.


  6. Thanks JazzWife and thanks a million for the hair inspiration!! Your blog helps me a lot with perfect but simple office hair styles.

  7. This is the first time I am seeing your hair in a braid out I believe...totally gorgeous!!
    Love the protective styles. You are right, people dish out comments when you least expect..that's why it's best to just do you and not wait for nobody's approval or complement.
    Lol at you dont have to cut off your neck with expenses...funny but soo true!
    Thank you for sharing sis!


  8. Oh by the way..the forum is a great idea!!

  9. Thanks for the complements and support Sis! I really appreciate it :)

  10. Your hair is beautiful! Love the results :) Oh how I wish my hair loved Shea butter!!

  11. Thank you Naturally Curious and thanks for Visiting and following. Oh,and I LOVE LOVE your blog!! You do a lot of beautiful styles.



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