Getting tired of this air drying business...

One of the downsides of full natural  hair is the hours and days it takes to dry after wash day. Now that my hair is longer, it seems like the days have increased. This air drying business is a bit annoying as I find myself  wearing head wraps for the most part of the week. Under the head wraps is either deep conditioning or roughly partitioned braids.
Thank God for my Aunts old pins I found, these things were almost falling off after all the time I spent to put them in.
Last week, to avoid the long drying hours, I did a  roller set. After my washing and deep conditioning, I applied coconut oil to my hair and my Shea butter mix to the ends ( the ends are the oldest part of the hair and mine gets dry easily.Applying Shea butter helps seal in the moisture better than coconut oil does alone).

Since I did not want my hair completely straight, I loosely rolled the hair. The result (second pic above)is not that different from how my hair looks after I thread it (see pic below)
old hair pictures

The next morning, I did 2 french braids ( pic. below) and  went about my business....finally my scalp sees the day light on a Monday:)

And on Tuesday night, I did my fav. secondary school hair style; secret love.
The roller sets  helped me keep a comb out of my hair. I only used a wide tooth comb for sectioning but other than that, my fingers did the detangling.

SOME ADVICE:  I  used to think it was impossible to braid my hair without first using a comb to take out the knots. Well my belief has changed as  I have found that if I  properly detangle my hair when it is wet and packed with a thick conditioner, it can survive for days after it gets dry without combing .


  1. Air drying is a beast because you can't cheat. The instant you try to remove your braids or your twists or your rollers before you hair is fully dry, your hair will throw itself on the floor and begin laughing at you. Well, at least that is what happens to me. It is just one big joke that is NOT FUNNY to me at all. *sigh* Despite Curlformers being a one-day style, I appreciate that they allow the hair to dry overnight. I wouldn't even try using rollers because I don't have three days to wait. Ugh! Hmmm . . . maybe nine. LOL.

  2. Hahaha....I love how you describe hair problems....I completely understand you when you say drying is the 'beast'! You cant cheat the frizz and tangles that come with hair that is not properly dry...oh well...I'll continue to deal with it in good stride until I find what works best.

  3. Yup! Such is air drying. When I get impatient and try taking out my twists or braids, what I get is a shrunken mess that could knot up if I am not careful. Best thing to do is stretch while drying like you do. This also helps avoid tangles.
    Love the french braids you did on Monday!


  4. Thanks Sis! Drying can be like that for those of us with tight curls...



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