Maintaing Senegalese Twists or Million Twists (as we call it in Naija) by Tinuke of Coilybella

Protective styles like million braids are popular and more accepted in Nigeria. While styles like this can help in growth and time management (no hair styling for weeks), they can also be destructive. A lot of Naija ladies walk the streets hiding their chop-chop edges and when you ask, most of them will say things like: "no be the million braids wey I go do for Sisi Nene shop?"
Well, all the blame should not fall on Sisi Nene's shoulders o...if you ignore your hair and pull it in all directions while its in a protective style then you shouldn't be surprised when you develop correct mama iyabo like Naomi Cambell. One of our major errors is ignoring our hair when its in extensions and this should not be so ( believe sey I innocent sef, I guilty small*_0)
Enough yans...please click on the play button  to watch Tinuke's video and learn how to wash/maintain your natural hair while its in extensions.

For more hair inspiration for you and your cute little natural daughters please visit Coilybella here


  1. Nice video! Do you know where I can get Aloe Vera juice from in Abuja?! Thanks!:-*

  2. Hi Nnenna,
    Sorry,I don't know where you can get Aloe Vera Juice. But if you swap the gel for the juice,you can visit Sahad stores.



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