Frolove: Funmi Iyanda

Television talk show host and journalist Funmi Iyanda has been an inspiration to a lot of Nigerian woman and she has done it again...
I Love her new look.She looks much younger!
What do you think people?


  1. Looking purely at the two photos, she definitely has a more youthful look with the TWA! She also appears more attractive to my eyes.

  2. I totally agree with you JazzWife

  3. When I look at her TWA photo I see how pretty her face is. In the other picture I just notice a long weave.

  4. True talk Jen!! These long weaves have a way of hiding the true beautiful features of most women.

  5. I looked to make sure it was the same person. She looks fresh with the TWA! I like the TWA better

  6. That was my first reaction when I saw the picture...

  7. Hello Natmane, do you advise deep conditioning while your hair is braided with extensions?

    1. Hi Anon,
      Hmm... that's a tough one. You know, I don't wash my hair with a shampoo because when its in extensions because I fear that I might not be able to completely rinse it off. The question is what do you want to use as a deep conditioner? If it is stuff like mayo then my answer is no because you might not rinse it off completely and your hair might smell after it gets dry.
      If I were you, I'll do a co-wash (wash hair using conditioner alone), leave on the conditioner for sometime (like you would do when deep conditioning), rinse off, dab off some of the water and then seal. That simple.

  8. Thanks a lot,Natmane. Few months ago,I lost a large chunk of my hair. I made twists with Afro Kinky extensions and I used to deep condition. When I loosened the twists, my hair was really tangled. I had to apply conditioner prior to combing even at that i still lost a considerable amount of hair.
    I have decided to transition to my natural hair and I'm considering braiding with kanekalon (Expressions). I hope it doesn't happen.
    Above all, I love your blog

  9. Using kinky extensions can be a bit tricky most epecially if the right techniques are not used. Kanekelon extensions on the other hand are easier to deal with. Hopefully you won't have to deal with breakage this time.
    Thanks for your kind words. They make blogging worthwhile.



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