CassaBella Abuja is Natural Hair Friendly!!

They've got products from Herbal Essence, Hawaiian Silk, Taliah Waajid, Eco Styler, Kera Care, and a lot more.
Prices: Fair
Customer Service: 4 out 5 stars.

Address:Grand Towers (Shoprite plaza), Apo Abuja.
More info coming soon...


  1. Hi Natmane,

    You know how I feel about your blog. I love it. And as result, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. The details can be found at my blog

    Thank you so much for your blog content!

  2. The day I went to Casabella in Surulere Shop rite mall, i was like a kid in a candy store but i had to restrain myself, lol. they had all the stuff you mention plus kinky curly, tresemme naturals, Giovanni...plenty plenty things. :D

  3. Hey Nat,
    I nominated you for the versatile blog award:)

  4. Hi, I'm surprised to hear abuja's casabella is natural-hair friendly. Went in and they didn't have any sulphate-free shampoo. I also thought it was a bit pricey. Didn't notice the other products though as I was just concentrating on my search. I however agree with you that their customer service is very good!

  5. Thanks JazzWife and Tinuke!! I really appreciate it:)

    Onyiye, I know the feeling o...see me,see products. I plan on only going there when I want to buy a specific product. The store is quite new so they dont have the products you listed yet. I'll go check back and if nothing I'll send them a mail asking why they are not treating us ABJ curlies equally*_^.

    Hi Mouzoamaka,
    Nice to,cancel from you:). Hmmm...I did not notice that o. Fortunately, I'm thinking about deleting shampoos from my regimen and replacing it with a bottle of apple cider vinegar, so I wont worry that much. Thanks for sharing though. You know, when next you visit them, you should talk to the store manager and ask that they stock on sulfate free shampoos. Hopefully, they'll act on your request:)

  6. yeah, casabella is really natural hair friendly. They are a bit pricey (almost double the real prices) but if you really need them and won't travel out soon enough to get them, then you'll just have to close your eyes and buy. On the other hand, these products can be ordered online.

  7. Went to Casabella. Got what I wanted, but they were kinda rude. Guess it must have been an off day.

  8. They are veery pricey. Una gone ambi fade cream going for 4k5.

  9. Went there last week to get Creme of nature products. They didnt have it. But their customer service really is nice

  10. @ Zainab I had alot of that rudeness from a sales rep called Yewande and even the sucurity man at their Silverbird out let yesterday evening. It was soooo bad that the security man even told me that he knows how to handle a person like me. I got a Cara wig and within a week it was all tangled up so I went back for some advise or some sort of remedy. Bottom line- I had a horrible experience and asked to see the manager- Sandra who wasnt around at the time.

  11. Yes, sometimes the customer service is good, sometimes, not. I went to the Apo branch to get some items. The shop attendant knowingly added a product to my list. Cos I saw when she did that & told her I didn't ask for that, she told me she wants it for herself and she's just checking the price. Luckily, the security lady discovered it on my way out. She said she will add it to my store in credit. I went there 3 weeks ago to get a product and use the money only to be told that I don't have any more ey in the account, the lady promised to call the head office & get back to me & that was all. The amount is N2,750.00.



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