Versatile Blogger Award

Hi Everyone,
I was nominated by two of my favorite bloggers, JazzWife and Tinuke Wilson.Thank you for thinking about me Ladies:). If you have never visited both blogs please click on the links above.

The rules for the award are:

  • Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award. 

  • Add the Versatile Blogger Award. 

  • Thank the blogger who nominated by providing a link back to their blog. 

  • Share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.

  • Include this set of rules. 
  • Inform each blogger you nominate by posting a comment on their blogs

And I nominate:
 Jengoing natural
 Curious Kinks
Its Natural
 Bastille of Beauty
 Mountains of Things
Naturally Curious
No dull Moments
 African Naturalistas
Naija Hair Can Grow

7 Random facts about me:
I'm a Christian
In the Bible, I have trouble reading the book of Chronicles but I have read Ecclesiastes, Esther, Romans,  and Matthew, over and over again.

I Rep. Benin City.
I was born in the 80's.

When 'gisting' with close friends, pidgin is my language of choice.

I can't understand why Nigerians sweep the problem of bleaching under the carpet.
I'm currently reading Tears from an Old Man's Eyes by Bob Ekat - it!


  1. haha, why do you have a problem reading chronicles. Thanks for the nomination

  2. Thanks again for the nomination. I too remembered you in my nomination on my blog here. :)

  3. Thanks Curious Kinks!!
    When I start reading the book of Chronicles....I get a bit bored with the family history..**shamefaced**...

  4. Thanks for awarding me this. I really appreciate it.

  5. Thank you for the award sis!! It is much appreciated :)

  6. Big thanks for the award, hun
    I'm really grateful


  7. Thank yooooouuu!!! I'm so sorry it took me forever and a day to respond, I really appreciate it. Have a blessed week ahead :*



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