Bino and Fino Dance Azonto

Lol at Papa Papa's old school moves. My sisters and I love this clip.

Bino and Fino is West Africa's first children's educational cartoon. If you look to the left side of the blog you will see a Bino and Fino button asking for your support. A lot of work and finance goes into keeping this show alive so please support the makers. 
For those of you who see cartoons as a waste of time you are entitled to your opinion. But remember that your kids love them and would watch whatever is available. Lets support Bino and Fino, let our kids watch cartoons with characters that look and sound like them.
We've got 6 days left.Thank you all in advance.
Peace, Heart and Natural.


  1. some people actually think cartoons are a waste of time? I guess they didn't have television when they were growing up. Besides, what do they expect kids to watch, CNN? I love the concept of the cartoon. My brother def needs cartoons like this, but for bigger kids! He knows nothing about his roots and refuses to speak the language. will post this on my Facebook again for more campaigning :)

    1. Yes o, people do. My parents try very hard to understand why I watch cartoons at my age...although they are more understanding with my baby sisters. Thanks for the support!! You can check YouTube, there is an episode in which fino learns Yoruba. Thumbs up for Adamu Waziri. Hopefully, with our hel, there'll be cartoons for older kids in the near future ** fingers crossed**



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