Follow-follow, your song tells a lot about us

 Nigerian music/videos have gone from being boringly predictable to plain annoying. That's not to say that there are no correct artists out there o. Lagbaja, Asa, Nneka, Brymo to name a few, still dey make us proud ^_^. Last week a friend of mine asked: "why do you have all this...boring music. Abi you no like correct jamz?" By 'correct jamz', my friend is referring to the popular  noise that plays on almost every radio station.
There is no doubt that Nigerians are talented people and  have abundant  material  to produce some great stuff but all this 'me i wan yogodo' noise does not cut it for some us.
 Think I'm exaggerating about the quality of music we get, then read Elnathan's  post on the Daily Times. It pretty much summarizes the Nigerian music industry.
Why can't Lagbaja's creativity and originality spread?
Who says we don't get recognition ?One more reason to love Lagbaja. That sisters twist out was on point!

No one is saying that we must all sound like Fela Kuti, Victor Uwaifo or Mejek Fajek (the majek of back in the day o) but please put in some extra effort at being yourself. Sometimes I can't even tell that the person singing is Nigerian. Dem go twist-twist their tongue so-taaay the English sef go scatter...anh-ahn na wetin?!!  
Below is a video from Brymo that I totally appreciate.Yes, there's the party scene and what my brother calls the 'skinny-jeans-and- a Mic-Nigerian-boy- look'  but I totally dig the Eyo masquerades, the lady rocking a Twa, the Yoruba man in his traditional outfit -dancing like Yoruba man, and the ballet dancers who should have been out of place but blended beautifully well with everything else.
  Like how can you listen to or watch  Ara and not know that this is Green-White-Green?
So what do you think of the Nigerian music industry? Any favorites I haven't mentioned above? Please share because I'm very interested in good music.


  1. i'm personally not a fan of Nigerian music, I think they sound all the same and too "R" rated and materialistic for my liking. Also, I think they need more female singers, the few that are out there still need more training. But then again, I mostly listen to Gospel music and very picky with secular music I listen to. And lol, i'm just noticing the girls twist out! I love EVERY song by Lagbaja, he's getting old though. You can tell in his eyes. lol

  2. Omg I thought I was the only one who loved lagbaja...

    1. you know differently:) Glad you could stop by (^_^)



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