Happy Friday People!!
Can my Naija people feel the change in weather?! I'm so happy! I totally LOVE harmattan season. Not just because I get to rock all types of  hair do's but I have a lot of happy harmattan memories. There's just this happy feeling I get when rainy season comes to an end and the dry harmattan season sets in!
Whenever I talk excitedly about harmattan, I get the side eye from my friends and colleagues... like seriously. Yes, I know that a lot of ladies associate haramattan season with dry skin and hair loss but it doesnt have to be so. With some shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil, you should be good to go!

This takes me back to the 4-5 years I was relaxed. I remember dreading  harmattan for the same reason as most ladies. And what used to annoy me the most was that even after protective styling, I'd still loose a lot of hair.But now that I'm natural, the story is different. I spend less time hiding my mane and more time showing it off (not that I'm trying to rub my blessings in anyones face*_^). See, during harmattan, the weather is dry and there is very little moisture in the air. So when I get a style done, it can stay that way for as long as possible. Roller sets, braid outs, blow outs, an undefined fro... whatever style I choose turns out great most of the time.
The only downside is people touching my hair! Most of my friends only get the chance to see  what I'm carrying around during this season.So they play with it and mess it up! Oh well, I try not blame them.... Its funny but most Nigerians know very little about kinky hair.

Dont be fooled:  From the above, harmattan might seem like the ideal weather but because out natural hair is very unpredictable, I advice that you still expect shrinkage and  frizz. See the pictures below for an example:
Day 1 (above) and a week after (below)
 Just in case you are wondering about my hair colour, all credit goes to henna (lali)

More harmattan hair Pictures you might remember...


Favorite Harmattan Hair products and Tools

Cowashing: Petals or Vo5
Styling: Lottabody Setting Lotion (I mix this water-1 part lottabody to 3 parts of water), Shea butter mix, and aloe gel (try to use very little of this)
Leave-in: Finding good and affordable leave-in-conditioners in Nigeria can be a problem. So I usually make do with products like Suave Coconut conditioner and recently; Herbal Essences Totally Twisted. Both products seem to be the cheapest and easiest to find in the market.
Sealant: Light oils like coconut oil and olive oil are my favorites. My Shea butter mix also has to be light (see pic. above) That's why I love Nike's Screwy Butters

Styling tools: Wide tooth comb, rollers, flexi rods, hooded dryer and flat iron (I use this once every year)

 As the weeks go by, I'll try my best to regularly give an update because I'm most definitely sure that there will be changes in my regimen.
If you have any questions, don't be shy, just leave a comment or send a mail to eskinks@gmail.com
Happy Eid El Kabir  to all my Muslim friends and Non-Muslims like me.... still waiting for their share of Sallah meat!!


  1. Lol, maybe I should start looking at harmattan from a different perspective because it is actually my worst season.

    1. Not to worry... just be optimistic and hopefully you'll catch the harmattan fever ^__^*fingers crossed*

  2. this is going to be my first harmattan as a 'naturalista'
    *fingers crossed*

    1. Don't forget to leave a comment if you encounter any problems Okay?
      Happy Natural Days Ahead!!

  3. Here in Minnesota the leaves have all changed color and fallen. The temps are dipping below freezing at night and I'm looking for my gloves. With every season new routine.

    1. Hi JazzWife and JenJen! Thanks for the comments. I totally agree with you JenJen, to have manageable hair one must develop a routine for every season.

  4. Hi Natmane. Do you have any posts on your harmattan regimen. Abuja's harmattan...smh...not for little children. Lol

    1. Hi Chan87,
      I think I have one but I don't think it'll be helpful enough. You can type "harmattan hair care" in the search button. One or two posts should pop up. That should help you prepare but for more information, I'll prepare a better post for readers like you.
      Thanks for visiting!!

  5. When dealing with dry weather, I think it's all about the oils. Castor oil really nourishes the hair, and if you find it too sticky, mix it up with a lighter oil like jojoba. I use this mixture daily to seal in the moisture after spraying my hair with water. My hair drinks it up.

    1. Thanks for the tips Gbhlong. I would like to try out your castor/ jojoba oil mix. Sadly, finding jojoba oil in Abuja can be a problem.
      Thanks for the comment and thanks for visiting!

  6. Finally got around to it http://www.janylbenylshares.com/2012/10/thats-that-stuff-i-dont-like-another.html
    Thanks again xo

    I love your hair.
    I like chilly weathers too. I can't wait to do my "what I love about autumn" :)



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