Deep Conditioning

Took down my kinky twists yesterday and my hair was desert dry 0_o.This called for some good deep conditioning. Mixed some of my favorite products;
Olive oil.softens my 4a/b hair.

Aloe vera juice helps reduce breakage

Substitute for Henna
 Conditioner for slip. 
Then I....
  1. Cowashed my hair (wash hair with a conditioner).
  2. Applied  the mixture to my hair focusing on the ends.
  3. Put on 2 shower caps, wrapped it with a light towel and went about doing my Saturday chores.
  4. Hours later, I took off the caps. My hair was so soft :). Deep conditioning can be done in 30minutes and you can leave it on all night. When i'm less busy I use a heating device.
  5. Rinsed out the deep conditioner with warm water and then with cold water. This helps in sealing my hair shaft so as to get all the benefits of  the treatment.
  6. Styled and left to air dry.
Deep conditioning should be done weekly or once in two weeks. I will advice that if wearing your hair out this season (dry-harmattan season), treatment should be done weekly. By doing this, your hair stays healthier, and softer. Length retention is also a plus in weekly deep conditioning.
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