Keeks Pharmacy is Naural Hair Friendly

Hi Ladies!
"Due to popular demand, we at Keek's pharmacy now carry more natural hair friendly products. To buy the products shared with you, and more from Natural Nigerian,  visit us at bright plaza, No. 5 Ebitu Ukiwe street, plot 363 cadastral zone, opposite first bank beside zenith bank, Jabi district, Abuja."
NatM. says: Keek's therapy will have a stand at LRR on Saturday the 30th of October 2014 . 

Another meetup hosted by Lumo Naturals!!

Salute my people!!
Lumo Naturals salon is organising a meetup for Abuja based naturals.
  • Free DIY journal
  • 50% off Lumo hair kit
  • 50% off Beloved perfume
  • 50% off ayurvedic powders in stock
  • 20% off selected services (for card holders)
  • Free body butters (for purchases over N5000)
  • Cocktail hour
  • Hair talk by Ameera
  • Complemetary goodies bag 
  • Lots of products from vendors like Natural Nigerian, Keeks Pharmacy, Hemani zait, Essence of ladinah and many more
Alot for anyone to think of missing. Spread the word and be sure to come early.
See you all on Saturday:)


There is nothing as tiring -and sometimes painful- as detangling your kinks after 1-2months of protective styling. You take down the extensions/plaits looking forward to seeing what little length you must have gained during the period, but then you notice a lot of build-up at the roots. So what do you do? You pour lots of conditioner and/or oil on your hair and begin taking apart hair strands that are clumped together. Not only does the exercise feel like life is forcing you to learn divine patience, but you are disappointed by all the short hair strands that are falling off as you work through all the knots.

2 weeks ago, I bought a bowl of manshanu from wuse market for N500. The plan was to use it as a dc protein treatment after washing with a shampoo but detangling a small section of hair took 2 days and I decided, in frustration, to try something new.



I smoothed on some manshanu to a little section of hair until it felt soft and then loosely twisted it. A few minutes after saturating all my hair with the product, I noticed that it was really easy for my fingers to pass through the knots without much of a problem (nice!). I then went on to take out the shed hairs with a wide tooth comb which was just as easy. No pain, no time wasted.
If there is one thing I love about manshanu is that it has got SLIP. This makes detangling so much easier and faster!!
I left the product on for another 30 minutes and washed it off afterwards.
Detangling has never been so easy and breakage was minimal

  Hair is soft and manageable one week after  treatment
On Sunday I tried the same process on my Mom. If there's one thing I know about her regimen is that she never washes her hair or puts anything liquid on it without properly detangling it first. When I offered to try manshanu on her hair using this method I could tell that she wasn't really buying my 'gist' but fortunately she let me work my magic.
During the process, not one "careful!'' was uttered. Instead I got a "what exactly is this?" and "how did you find out about it's uses?"
Answer to question 1:It is magical manshanu.
Answer to question 2: Out of frustration and I'm still learning about it.
The major lessons I have learnt during my hair journey are that one should never be afraid to try new things and short-cuts do make life easier (not all the time sha *_^).

NOTE:A little goes a long way. Apply too much and your face and neck will be full of oil in no time.
Storage: Manshanu should be stored in a refrigerator
Ready for use? If your manshanu is solid and sweating as seen in the picture opposite don't use heat to melt it. Rather, let it seat for 30-45mins (depending on how hard it is) and it would return to its original state.

Guess What I found...

...a picture of my crazy hair line back in the day.
 I never knew how bad my hair line was until after I went natural...throwing away that last  relaxer pack was a very good decision
                          JazzWife was right, I do have good hair *_^
My sister and I had a good laugh at the first picture but trust me when I say that 4 years ago, it was definitely not a laughing matter. I'm sharing these pictures not to show off growth but to encourage all the ladies who have shared their hair loss frustrations with me.
Please keep on with your new hair techniques and ignore all the negative energy. One day soon your hair line would be back to normal :).


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