I have being experimenting with my mane these past weeks and here's what I learnt;
  • Twist-outs:- For some reason my mane hates twist outs. After styling i have major shrinkage and at the ending of the day my ends are so knotted that detangling becomes a problem. 
  • Braid outs:- Now, this I love!! I spend less time getting my hair done and shrinkage is minimal.
  • Roller sets-  This style lasts for a week.To maintain the style I cover my hair with a satin scarf before bed and the next morning I fluff and go. Below are some pics of how I salvaged a bad hair day and my second attempt at a braid out
I wanted to revive a braid out but my ends were too dry. had to think of a protective style that would not waste time
... ended up with a headtie.
Next day, I came up with a bun that could protect my ends

   because my hair is still too short, to make a decent bun, I had to pin it up with hair pins and plaited the ends in.This protected my dry ends from the dry weather.

Braid out results.

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