New Beginnings....

did my big chop last year September and believe me it was a memorable experience. i had natural hair most of my life.i put a relaxer in it right after secondary reason might sound silly but it made a lot of sense at the time. 
my natural hair was very was soft and less of a burden.right after school and about to get into university,i decided to go for a new look. it started nicely my hair was black and bone straight.Everyone liked it and i did for the first month after that i felt like i had made a big mistake o_0.
i would not down play the role  my environment played in my getting my hair relaxed.i was one of the few students who still had her natural hair by my final year of secondary school.
the end of university brought with it maturity and my new love and appreciation for self. my relaxed hair was a problem, it  had stopped growin.i  was in a fix as to what to do with it.then one day, while watchin sisterhood( a South African show on etv)i watched a presenter(Resane Babalwa) rock her fierce fro and i was captured!!
my big chop was not easy.Everyone refused to cut my hair so i looked in the mirror and chopped it all off myself!!and since then it has being a beautiful journey with no thoughts of looking back.
Being a natural in Nigeria is one of the hardest things for a natural sister no matter her age. Everyone is asking when you will slap more creamy crack in your hair or when you'll spend more time and money on extensions.
this blog will give me and other ladies (especially those in Africa) inspiration to rock our fros and embrace our heritage with pride and love.
what to expect....
 lots of pics, general discussions about hair care and interesting features on afro-designs and culture.
peace, love and joy xxxx


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