...strong enough to be you?

"It takes strength of character to stand out from the crowd..."
These were words from a sermon on Ctv. When going natural the question to ask your self is are you strong enough to stand out?
Going natural is not for the timid. Our minds have to be open to alot of possibilities. Hate from others, and yes,self hate. I know you might be wondering how self hate can come from deciding to be free from a relaxer, but trust me,it is very possible. Listening to negative comments from others can do that.
For  3months after my big chop, I will have my hair tied up before stepping out of the house. After getting my hair done,I'll look in the mirror, smile at my reflection cause I'd love the results, but I never had the guts to wear my fro out.Most of my friends were not supportive (much respect to my Siblings, Lady RIO and Ab who encouraged me to rock my fro out).I had to come to a point were I had to appreciate my mane myself.
Sometimes we seek for approval from a certain person or from a group of people and when we don't find it we enter our shells and hate ourselves even more. Self appreciation, from what I learned, allows for us to be selfless and appreciate others just as they are.If we can't love and value ourselves how do we get value and appreciation from the people we have to relate with all the days of our lives.
The question I'll ask is are you strong enough to be you? Not just concerning hair but life in general. Well, as for me, life is a learning process I'll take one step at a time until my good is better and my better best.
Have a fun filled week!!

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