Today was really busy for me. I woke up, got ready for the day, fluffed my curlyfro, and out I went (who said natural hair was hard to maintain:))
Walking the streets of Abuja, I stood out. Almost all ladies either had the weave or Hijab on. As I stepped into the bank, I caught people staring at my mane, not me ^_^. I have always hated getting attention in a crowd, but with my new look, it's like I don't have a choice but to get used to the attention, develop a thick skin and learn to ignore all negative vibes.
My natural journey has been really interesting. Not only have I done away with most of the harmful chemicals I used daily, but I have also learnt to appreciate "differences". I don't look like my neighbor and I don't expect her to look like me. Rather, I love and admire the fact that he/she is strong enough to have a mind of their own.I don't think most people who see a natural head look with hate, I think quite a number are intrigued by it and marvel at the fact that you are willing to stand out in these days when the band wagon is a very secure place to be.
I had some shopping to do, and while at Sahad stores it struck me that alot of Naturals in Nigeria have a problem finding hair products. I found the popular Fruit of the earth Aloe vera gel (at Sahad stores).I bought the medium size to try it out. It cost N900.

I would be using it this night to redo my curly fro. Most reviews on this product are from Natural sisters abroad, so I will be giving the Naija review :). Some sisters who visit complain about frizz after using products that they ordinarily would use and get good results. From my little experience, I have observed that some products that work in other parts of the world might not work here. I guess it's our difference in weather. Your Hair type might also determine what product works and doesn't work. I hope my 4a/b hair stays soft after using the gel. If it doesn't I will be sad.That means I will have to continue extracting the juice from the plant itself. Will post the results tomorrow.
Peace,love and joy.

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