Coconut Oil Review

Heres how  style my hair using coconut oil
  •  Wash, deep condition and rinse .
  • Dab some of the water off my hair.
  • Depending on the style, put a few drops of Coconut oil on my palm, and apply to a section of my hair.
  • Seal my ends with my Shea butter and olive oil mix
  • Style.
Pros of coconut oil
  • My hair does NOT feel greasy
  • My hair stays moisturized for the whole week. 
  • No sticky feel with Coconut oil
  • For some reason my hair dries faster and stays moisturized.
  • My hair stays soft and looks it too. 
  • The only thing I can come up with is that it runs out of the bottle fast. Be careful when pouring it on your palm. And like all other oils, moderation goes a long way.
I read that there is a healthier way to make Coconut oil. Its called  Cold Processed  or Cold Pressed  Coconut Oil. When I run out of what I have now, I'll make some using that method and update.

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