We spend the majority of our lives playing small to sin, lack, fear and inferiority issues; slicing down our own ambition and or the ambition of others. Doubting if we can, wonder how we will do what we want to do for ourselves and those who are with us. 
We do this, because the world all around us, which is progressing forward with or without us; has told us to play it safe, play down our dreams, be small in what we think, seek want or desire. 
Through out our lives we are taught to fear, when in fact we should be taught to believe, believe that all things are possible; because fear is of the devil and faith is of God. 
Dreams express what your soul is trying to tell you, no matter how far fetch your dreams may seem—even to you, you must pursue; what is calling out to you whether by day or by night, follow that idea, search it out. Set some type of goal and chase it like it is money because most likely it is money to build, live and give yourself the life you most desire. Wake up the potential that is laying dormant deep down within the recesses of your mind… 
Allow God to birth something fresh out of your struggle!!! I am hard pressed, twisted, and even yanked between what I am experiencing and what God is leading me too….Yet I got to, get to the other side of ¾ through and the only way to get through is to go ¾ through… 
Whenever destiny calls your name; holla back it may, be God calling you to deeper depths and higher heights….
 by Regina Deloris

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